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Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 17, 2009

August 15, 2009

This feels a bit like the first day of school in making the voyage into the blogosphere.  To that end I’m all scrubbed up and done up in my best duds working to make a good impression.

Why Blog?

Like many of my peers I’m feeling a bit disenfranchised and frustrated with the conditions of life in the manipulated economy where corporate greed, banking industry greed and politicians’ greed  in pandering to special interests brought us AIG bailouts, GM bailouts, Banking bailouts and funded the obscene bonuses paid to the creatures who manipulated and created this fiscal crisis on a global basis, I’m fed up.

Being an optimist at heart and holding fast to the Constitutional guarantee of free speech, as long as it lasts, I am moved to communicate in a public forum now.

Watching with horror the fear mongering and rants from the right, the disgruntled housewife, the birthers and cult of Jesus crazies, I’ve become motivated to publish now in any and every forum available in a heartfelt effort to bring some balance to discussion of the pressing issues upon every citizen today.

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