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What is to fear of an America with Universal Health Care?

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 20, 2009

Our life expectancy will increase.  Infant mortality rates would reduce.  Populations of people kept from seeing a doctor, dentist or other health care provider because of economics will receive preventative care instead of high cost catastrophic care.  Emergency rooms may become places to treat trauma and catastrophic illness instead of the only option available to the working poor to obtain health care at outrageous costs that, more often than not, are never paid.   The basic quality of life will improve with universal access to medical care.  We may become a country focused on wellness instead of being reliant upon the medical community repairing what years of poor diet and lack of exercise creates in obese America.  We also remove a cost of labor from the corporate costs of doing business and put the individual in control of his or her health care.

What is to fear?

The real threat in Universal Health Care is that Insurance Companies, HMOs, Drug Companies and the Hospital and Health Care Industry will no longer have the ability to rape the citizenry at will by denial of services or pricing insurance or health care services beyond the means of the average citizen with or without subsidy from the government.

The implied threat is that “the Government” is in control of our health care and we all “know” that government involvement is expensive, unwieldy and unproductive.  Bull plucky and bunk is the best description of this flavor of fear mongering that comes to mind.

The reality of Universal Health Care is that “the Government” has control over the payment of and for health care on our behalf as free citizens but the acts of medicine; the practice of medicine is between the patient and his or her doctor or medical professional.  The reality is that with single payer health care the inflation driven by attempt to recover cost of care for humans unable to pay will stop and a realistic cost of care restored.

Medicare and Medicaid are viable and have done a partial job but it’s time to do more than the Lyndon Baines Johnson driven programs that were never intended to be the end result but a path to universal health care by compassionately caring for those among us who are not able to care for their selves or have provided a lifetime of service to the USA.

The Veteran’s Administration hospital systems are touted as an example of National Health Care gone badly and that’s not without some justification but we are very able to learn from this experience and do the job right.  We have valuable lessons contained in this experience.

The reality is that it is good business to get (and keep) people healthy and happy for the Health Care Industry and overall US economics.  The reality is that we have the ability to do this now and make a real difference in the quality of life for all Americans.

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