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What is to fear?

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 21, 2009

What is to fear?

Listening to the concerns of the citizens about “death panels, paying for abortions, reduced quality of care or access to health care or the fear of illegal immigrants receiving health care” helps to clearly define the petty, bigoted and selfish nature of the all too vocal minority expressing mythology, ideology and unfounded fear instead of fact.

There will not be death panels, as Ronald Regan and Ms. Palin would have us fear.  End of life counseling is a valid and compassionate requirement for the terminally ill and family.  So are hospice services and facilities required because none of us will get out alive.

If an abortion is paid for by Universal Health Care or Private Insurance makes no difference.  We would strongly recommend that the anti-abortionists, the cult of Jesus, get their noses out of every woman’s womb and learn to respect individual choice as an upright moral citizen who understands Roe vs. Wade is the law.

As American citizens we could care less about the Cult of Jesus ranting and demanding control of every woman’s womb.  In fact, we are fully supportive of taxing the churches, synagogues, mosques and Ashrams to help support Universal Health Care and restore the separation of church and state with the religious freedom the constitution guarantees.  Get religion out of our Government on any and every level including impeachments of the Congressional Christian Boys Club with its unregistered lobby.

We encourage Christian Women or any of the Cult of Jesus or other religions to respect the demands of their religious convictions and refuse abortion or medical treatment, if that’s what their religion demands, but don’t inflict the insanity of someone else’s belief system on me.  Denial of Universal Health Care on the basis of puritanical repression of reproductive issues is pure insanity.  Founding the denial of Universal Health Care based on religious conviction is exceptionally un-Christian and barbaric even from the Cult of Jesus followers.

The open bigotry expressed in the fear that illegal immigrants would receive health care at our expense is reprehensible, un-American and very defining of the hate mongering and arrogant attitude that Americans are notorious for globally.

Listening intently to this current “discussion” of Universal Health Care in the USA one is reminded of spoiled children clamoring in fear that someone else may get more or better than what they have received.   It’s rather a grand reflection of what happens in every State House and on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC as business as usual in American Government with fights for the scraps of tax dollars to feed the greed and fulfill the special interest desires that rules the government today.  If the money doesn’t exist then don’t worry, the Federal Reserve Board will just print more and the mythology and greed will continue to expand.

A pervasive fear of Government is also a very integral portion of this discussion, and with good reason considering the Bush government, as it exists today, has given us this current economic crisis and insulted every American with the Corporate and Banking bail- out fiasco as one more demonstration of pandering to special interests and Corporate America’s Greed.  We have the power to face our fears, face this Government, and prevail in making effective changes for all Citizens of the USA and to do it now.

We, the American citizens, may never again be provided the opportunity to seize control of this juggernaut of out-of-control Government so think long and hard of what inaction will provide as legacy for this nation and our children’s welfare.

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