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Do we have the courage to do the right thing?

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 22, 2009

Do we have the courage to do the right thing?

Universal Health Care being denied because of a fear of administration is a very weak argument from cowards who have brought this nation to its knees as a result of fearful inaction coupled with the personal greed driven by special interests buying politicians into and maintaining them in office.

The American Political climate, culture and population of representatives are not Statesmen focused on the good for all Americans.  Politicians are self-serving, once in office, and only heed the voter, their constituents, when confronting elections and those are, more often than not, positive result directed proportional to the amount of money spent in advertising less than truthful opinions or representative records that focus more upon slinging mud than solutions to any single issue.

It is in the Government’s best interest, in the politician’s best interest to keep American’s divided and living in fear of repercussions from the police states of Amerika today 25 years after the Big Brother Orwellian vision.

What to do about the fear of socialism?

To begin an answer to that question it is required that a clear understanding of the reality of Socialism in the USA today is understood with the US Government being the largest employer.  The Government employs 9 million more people than the private sector.  That’s Socialism and there is no way that Republicans, Democrats or any members of society are able to deny the reality of this one fact of American Socio-Economics.  Americans faced the Socialist threat with FDR’s New Deal and Social Security, Lyndon Johnson’s driving Medicare and Medicaid through into reality and now we own AIG, GM and have fed Corporate Greed creating Mega-Banks with TARP funds, Wall Street Bail-outs and taxpayers have paid obscene bonuses to the criminals who brought us to the very brink of Depression and economic ruin and we bowed to the extortion from Corporate Greed thanks to George W. Bush and company.

To answer the question of what to do with the current Insurance Industry it is important to understand what health insurance was established to accomplish and how it has come to what we see today.  Insurance companies began with a great idea of spreading the liability of the cost of medical care across a large group so no one individual would face the financial devastation of a serious illness.  Everyone pays into the “pool” of money available to pay for treatments required by the few among the members who require care.  The Private Sector offered “disability insurance” beginning in the 1890s, Health Insurance as we know it began in 1911 and hospitals began to cash in on it with “group” or “Health Maintenance Organizations” or “Co-ops” as pre-paid health services in the 1920s.

Corporate America picked up on providing health care as a portion of employee compensation, thanks to the Unions, and is the resource most commonly expected to provide the cost of insurance and to sustain the inflationary spiral of these corporate insurance group policies.

We don’t desire our health care to be dependent upon employment and we expect that substantial price reductions and wage increases would result from completely removing this employment benefit from Corporate America’s hands and removing the burden of health insurance costs from the small business person too.

Here’s the real kicker for you kids: Regardless of how this idea is administered it is a social (as in socialist) tool of elected payments as “premiums” or “Taxes” to spread the costs of care across a large social segment.  It’s a great idea that works as long as the population is able to sustain the costs of the few spread across the premiums or taxes on the many.  Universal Health Care works providing the Health Care Industry agrees to standardized costs of treatment.

To insure that a fair and comprehensive Universal Health Care is installed we demand that the Government employees, inclusive of the politicians are covered under the same plan as all Americans to remove one more entitlement from them and help facilitate a realistic solution being found immediately.

Today the root of the “problem” in the Health Care, the Pharmaceuticals and Health Insurance Industry included, is the greed that drives excessive profits inflating the costs upon everyone.  Private insurance is a complete crapshoot as to whether or not your claim will be paid.  Adding to the gamble of private health insurance is the question of, is the individual requiring treatment able to meet the excessive deductibles or price-fixed service cost overruns?  We fully understand that highly educated health care professionals deserve to be paid and we support Universal Single Payer Health Care for that very reason.

The “problem” amplifies exponentially when Americans are not individually responsible for payment to these Health Care Professionals for their services and Hospitals, the Government or the Health Care Industry its self absorbs the costs of the un-insured, under-insured or legal costs wrangling with private health care insurers for partial payments (or the physician bills at an increased cost to cover Medicare and Medicaid shortfall) and then re-distributes these real costs incurred upon them through the hideous inflation of the actual cost of care of an individual who is able to pay in an effort to recover income lost in treating those unable to pay.  That’s demonstrated in the $60 aspirin or $35 band-aid that we’ve all heard rants about or sustained ourselves under the guise of health care costs.

Leaving these private insurance corporations as the gatekeepers to health care in the United States is exactly what has brought us to this place of 37th in the world in health care ranking with the most expensive costs of care on the face of the earth and a higher infant mortality rate than many third world countries.

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