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Hybrids are often sterile.

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 24, 2009

What of the hybrid system with a portion from Government and the balance from the Private Sector?

Legislation to demand individual purchase of health insurance and then have the Government reimburse a nebulous portion of the cost of insurance is not a solution and is not sustainable.  Paying the Insurance Industry obscene profits is not sustainable either and a single payer system is Universal Health Care on a level playing field.  Ask the 18% of Americans who are denied private insurance or the 30% who are rated-up with demand for higher premiums how true this Insurance Company greed is.  Ask someone with a pre-existing condition contemplating changing insurance companies to reduce cost how powerless they are and how the current private sector insurance providers, who are not health care providers, deny health care to them.  Insurance Companies are profit providers for their shareholders and owners and are not at all concerned with the health of the Americans they rape for the billions of dollars in profits annually that they enjoy at our expense.

Support of government subsidy for Health Insurance costs on the individual is an open invitation to the corporate greed of health insurance companies to raid the country’s coffers to a greater extent than they have raped their corporate consumers or private insurance purchasers and will still leave the economically challenged without adequate health care coverage for prevention or catastrophic care.  Government subsidy will amplify the problems to a gargantuan position of economic ruin and Joe Lunchbucket will still chose food on the table and a roof over his family’s head over paying the extortion of mandated purchase of health care regardless of reimbursement.

What is to be done?

To solve the Universal Health Care puzzle the foundation of sharing the costs of care for the few across the population of many must be truly universal.  It is only through the power of a single payer system that Americans will enjoy universal health care and begin to bring the citizenry into a healthy condition at reasonable cost.  Subsidizing the obscene profits, continuing with the crapshoot of denial of services or care to individuals to protect profits must be eliminated now and into the future.  Our health and the health of our families, our communities and our Nation are dependent upon making this paradigm shift now so we have a healthy future for all without the perversion of obscene profits paid to the gatekeepers or the corporate manipulation of the quality of care we receive.

As American Citizens we demand that we receive some value for the Tax that we pay, before we see our incomes in our hand, from this Government.  My brothers and sisters will agree that if we can fund wars in the desert and on our own population we are able to sustain the cost of this Universal Health Care by making the easy choices of stopping war, stopping the greed of the insurance companies dead in it’s tracks and focusing on the health and well being of the American Citizens as the radical change required now.

We can and must do this now to sustain this great nation into the future and begin to rebuild from the ruins of the 20th century that is upon us.  We have no fear of the end of the war on drugs in the USA or moving the funding from Homeland Security Gestapo to pay for universal health care.  We have no fear of the total withdraw of our troops in the deserts of the Middle East or mountains of Afghanistan to pay for health care for the American population.  We have no fear of elimination of the massive foreign aid subsidies Americans make globally and we demand the American Government become focused on the health and well being of our brothers and sisters here at home.  We are not children and we are offended that the politicians in Washington and every State House have mortgaged our great grand children’s future with the corruption, greed and fiscal irresponsibility as demonstrated to date.  We are outraged at the fear mongering and the pandering to special interests these politicians spew as excrement directed at all Americans across this great nation.

There can be no doubt within the hearts and minds of Americans that Wall Street Greed, Insurance Company Greed and Banking Greed plunged the world’s economy into a global depression that may be stable now but watch out for what’s to come if we continue on this path of fiscal irresponsibility.  Corporate bail outs of the criminals who created this economic collapse through pure greed and the continuation of the mindset that the American Taxpayer is responsible for paying for the ill gotten gains of the corrupt and greedy creatures who brought us to this place has to stop now and this single issue of Universal Health Care is the perfect tool for Americans to begin accomplish that goal.

Demand single payer Universal Health Care in the United States now and the Corporate Greed driven Insurance Companies can find their own way through to establishing a private health care system based on the greed and denial of services that they have inflicted upon the American citizens for over 100 years now.  Let the Insurance Companies invest their obscene profits into services or institutions that meet the criteria they demand and if they don’t survive the transition then we are better off because the dinosaur and leech on the economy that exists now passes into extinction and death to equal the hundreds of thousands of deaths created by their focus on profits over human welfare.

There is no advocate for purchase of the Insurance Companies by the Government as a solution to this Universal Health Care issue either unless it comes from the puppets they paid to put into office.  We Americans are able to do a better job of Universal Health Care than the insurance company greed has ever demonstrated.

Make no mistake about it; the American Citizens are up in arms over this issue with the graying of America upon us now.  Without Universal Health Care the demands will turn to real economic stimulus direct to the people.

For we the people, real economic stimulation would be paying us, in real cash dollars, what we have contributed to Social Security so we each may guide our financial security into the future with our own hands.  This provides each of us the opportunity that presents within a healthy and viable economy that would be created with this real economic stimulus instead of rewarding the criminals who nearly collapsed the global economy with million dollar bonuses to maintain the royalty.  But wait, the Social Security Trust Fund doesn’t exist because the corrupt, greedy politicians violated our trust and used that real money to pay off the interest on the loans that they have taken out to support their greed, corruption and the rape of the American population through oil wars, drug wars and lining their own pockets at every American’s expense.

Then, to add insult to injury in this current economic crisis, the retirement accounts we each personally established to insure we have a financially sound future were destroyed when Wall Street went straight into the crapper as a result of the greed and corruption of Bankers, the Insurance Industry and Corporate America’s focus on the quick buck instead of the long-term health and welfare of the nation, the economy, the environment and the humans who created the wealth they wielded to create this current global economic crisis.

Make no mistake about the opportunity that is presenting to the American people now.  We pray each and every American seizes the banner and marches forward to insure Universal Health Care is a reality sooner rather than later.  Americans have the courage to confront the despicable system that exists now and bring themselves to a position of equality with their brothers and sisters in Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the industrial western world.  Americans have the courage, the determination and the tools required to bring their government into control and send the clear message to the corporations that greed, rape and pillaging of the citizen taxpayer and investor are not now nor ever have been real American ideals.

The remarkable changes within the US economy and culture made with this one compassionate act of Universal Health Care for Americans will drive the American Dream with increased productivity, decreased child mortality and a higher standard of living, higher wages and a better quality of life for all American Citizens.  The inequity of the current system with the gatekeeper of corporate greed deciding who may or who may not be treated and in what way that treatment is to be delivered, dependent exclusively upon the depth of your personal pocket, will be removed.

This is not an easy battle to win for the average American because of the vested interest the Government has in taxation of the obscene profits of private Health Insurance and the Special Interests of Corporate Greed feeding mega bucks to the politicians who are representing them instead of you.  Divide and conquer is the strategy of the Government and the Corporations involved in this battle that is as financially devastating to them as an uninsured illness is to you.  Take our health care out of the hands of our employer and off the backs of small business and this is with the clear expectation that my wages will increase and the consumer price will reduce because that Health Care Insurance cost of business is removed from corporate America and small business America’s balance sheet.

You and your physician will determine your health care and each and every American citizen deserves to have open access to health care as an integral portion of his or her citizenship in this great nation.  The tools to have this Universal Health Care come into reality exist and the funding to support the cost exists now without additional taxation of the productive American population.

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