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Dear Mr. President

Posted in Universal Health Care by activecitizen54 on August 25, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

I am Activecitizen54, and I would like to extend my personal apology to you for the revolting behavior of segments of our society who have employed shock schlock to defame and denigrate the President of the United States.  I am embarrassed by the performances I’ve seen with “Nazi” accusations or The Joker images; as revolting as the Hitler images. Although I find these things offensive I will fight to the death for others to maintain the ability to protest and hold their opinions.  I hold these things as offensive though and feel moved to apologize for these unwarranted and unconscionable acts because of the bigotry and purely obstinate position they represent to me.

I don’t require yours or any one else’s opinion; I require facts including costs and methods of payment to enable me to make an informed decision.

As an average citizen of The United States of America residing in the State of Georgia currently, a deeper understanding of the overwhelming scope of the issues confronting you are made apparent in the sad petty agendas that are displayed for all to see.

To quote my Great Aunt Hattie, “It’s a mucking fess out there.”

I’m a little disappointed, at the moment, in the way this Universal Health Care Program is being handled.  As President it is your duty and obligation to provide clear leadership and that is inextricably linked to communications.  Please, let’s just get a clear position and move forward on this Cure for America now.

The changing face of America and the goal of American freedom, family, opportunity and sharing the blessings of this great nation appear to be derailed and misdirected at the moment.  We have a fear-mongering pseudo-debate raging in America over Health Care with little focus on reality and the shopping trip to see which way the wind blows has to end now.

Universal Health Care; just say it.

I’ll support a Universal Health Care program for all US Citizens now providing I know we are able to pay for Health Care without having to pay obscene 35% profits to a private corporate entity who may or may not cover the medical need, straps me with excessive deductibles, spends 25% in administrative cost and declares Billions of dollars in net profits annually while denying required testing and treatments.  It is vile that in this nation corporations (and the people behind them) think that it’s OK to profit off the illness of others and buy Politicians to support this position.

We have a couple of other topics to discuss as well like the use of “Blackwater” military contractors to maintain military strength in Iraq, Afghanistan and on American Soil.  I know that Poor George started this practice and that’s one of the many reasons why I worked to push the impeachment process against him while he was in office.  Please don’t continue this treasonous act and let’s stop offending our troops on active duty with the obscene pay the military contractors’ receive by comparison to the military family.  It’s wrong; we all know it’s wrong.

With only a little spine, the perpetrators of torture with the USA seal of approval can be resolve in a normal, upright and human way under our judicial system demonstrating America is still the land of honor and justice.

The last aspect of this military issue is the clear insult it is to have private military contractors as agents for protection of VIP American Politicians too.  What are we employing a military for if you have to hire out of the open market of mercenaries and pay for protection through corporate America?

Great Aunt Hattie says, “It’s just plain wrong.  No defense; go sit in your corner and think about it for as long as it takes to understand the concepts.  See me when you’re done.”

Stop the “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” insanity as well.  Its easy, honest and clearly the right thing to do.  You promised so man-up and keep your word.

Great Aunt Hattie is clear on this issue: “Who am I, or where does anyone get the right to tell someone else who to love?  God doesn’t make mistakes and she made Gay and Lesbian people as well as a whole rainbow of humans.”

Thanks for quietly ending the war on Terrorism and here’s a hint from the American people for paying the cost of Universal Health Care:  Universal Health Care is much less than the cost of the Wars in the Middle East or the War on Drugs.  It’s time for a truly compassionate America with freedom and justice restored for all.

Last of the issues to discuss this time is the campaign reform, the Special Interests buying people like George W Bush into office and the real need for term limits on all politicians.

Great Aunt Hattie has way too much to say on this topic as why America is broken.

Thanks for listening.

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