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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on August 29, 2009

Condolences to the Kennedy Family.

Like many Americans I’ve given up hope of any kind of intelligent discussion or decisions over the topic of Universal Health Care or ending the insanity of wars in the Middle East or here at home.  Americans are accurately represented as the arrogant, self-involved elitist pigs I’ve seen demonstrated all too often when traveling in Central and South America.

I see Universal Health Care in Costa Rica that is better than the expensive health care in the USA.  I’ve experienced the Universal Health Care system in Honduras, Columbia and Venezuela and can’t help myself wondering why this Universal Access to quality health care can’t be achieved in America.  The desire has to be there first and it’s apparent that Americans are still living the ‘I, me, my” attitude that has driven this country into the ground.  At the guidance of George H W and George W Bush this once great nation is reduced to Third World status.

Our current centrist President has no desire for the reforms, is unable to provide clear leadership and will feed off the status quo.  It’s Politics as usual and no change for America or Americans.

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