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We’re all in the same boat.

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on August 29, 2009

Bill Moyers commentary on Real Time with Bill Maher on the lack of leadership from Barak H Obama is so dead on target that it hurts to my very soul.  Summon the language Mr President and come to represent Universal Health care as a Human Right and no longer a privilege purchased by the wealthy or a tool to drive the obscenely wealthy into even greater wealth at the expense of the ill.  The Democrats have had their spines surgically removed and pander to the mega-bucks delivered by corporate entities rather than serving the humans who elected them.

We voted for an end to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and at home in the War on Drugs being ended with this war on the population insanity dismissed once and for all time.  We believed in your leadership and your words of an America of equality and dignity and direction into the future with opportunities for all Americans.  You have the power draw the best from America. The Toxic Purchased Political Climate of Washington DC, where trust is non-existent and honor subverted into power and pay-offs from the special interests, cannot continue if we are to survive as a nation of leaders.

Give me the opportunity Mr President and I will rise to the occasion to support through grassroots movements because I caught sight of the dream you brought into reality through your election.  Save our grandchildren’s future and save this great nation through rapid and decisive acts now.

Bill Moyers’ statement of “America is a wounded giant that requires time and care to heal or it will be brought to it’s knees and suffer its’ doom” is painfully accurate.  The lessons of Viet Nam, the suffering of the people and the ease that we are able to accomplish a new and vital America through rapid and decisive acts of the warrior for what is right that we elected are required now.  Please Mr. President come out of the malaise and romance of the office and become the leader that I voted for to lead a new America into a bright future for all.  We are so close to total collapse that terror grips the nation and the bright hope seen in Obama rapidly fades to black.

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