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Weiner on Health Care

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 30, 2009

Eloquent information.

The Republicans argument (the big lie and fear-mongering) about government involvement in health care is blown out of the water. Remember it was the Republicans who bought us the Global economic collapse, AIG, funded the bail-out of Wall Street, bought us all GM and provided TARP funds to insure the Banks got bigger and really “too big to fail” that have spoken here in America. The Republicans brought us 3 wars, huge deficits and now sit on their duffs doing nothing but raking in Insurance Industry graff, pay-offs and special junkets, apparently they Iike Medicare, The VA and Indian Care.

Did these Republican creeps vote “NO” on Medicare?

Not in this lifetime.

They like their jobs taking money for nothing and selling-out the Americans they are supposed to represent. There are several Democrats on that list too. I have a long memory and will remind you when it counts.

Mr. Grassley’s statements about “leading to a single payer” is the slippery slope of the public option leading to a single payer and the people are afraid of that. The NY Times poll said 65% support the public option. Heritage Foundation (Christian Conservative Right) and the Lewin Group is the health insurance industry (United Health Care to be exact) predict this for Mr. Grassley to regurgitate to all our detriment.

This is part of the games your politicians are playing with you, your health, your children’s health and your financial health.

There is hope.

Write your Congressmen, Senators and the White House in support of a single payer system.

Medicare for all is a great solution.

Insurance Industry Spending on Universal Health Care

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 29, 2009

As the Senate debates today on excluding the Public Option (aka Universal Health Care Government sponsored like Medicare for all) it is important to pay attention to the reality of Insurance & Health Care Industry’s purchase of our politicians.

The above link provides to you a tool to use so you are better able to understand what your elected (purchased) representatives in Washington align their loyalty with.
Mr Baucus has a very enlightening list of contributors for the individual tasked with delivering Health Care Reform and the current bill represents his interests very well.

Looking at the top contributors to the campaigns of Baucus D Montana tells me clearly how this travesty of feeding the Health Insurance Industry out of the National Treasury came into reality.  The drafted legislation delivers 47 million new customers to the Insurance Companies and guarantees their premium payments out of the taxes we all pay.  This is not Health Care Reform.  It is an open invitation to fatten the overflowing coffers of the Insurance Company out of all of our pockets.

We will pay for Universal Health Care one way or another but the track record of the Insurance Companies is not a solid foundation for trust from me or the public but this politician sure does love them.

Max Baucus has received over 5 million dollars in campaign contributions from the Health Care Industry and putting this man in charge of the committee building this Health Care Reform Bill is like the fox guarding the hen house.  This man has a vested interest to the tune of $5 million dollars in maintaining the status quo and the bill that has appeared feeds the greed and doesn’t solve the real problem of Universal Health Care for all US Citizens.

This Insurance Industry insider, Wendell Potter speaks eloquently to the real issues of this national need now.

We the people must take actions now to stop this railroad by the Insurance Industry, to stop the lies and remove the fraud from our Health Care system in the USA today.

Write to your Congressman, Senator and the White House, use the information from the links above to put the politicians on notice that we are watching and they are on the chopping block if they fail to deliver a Public Option, a true Universal Health Care System to deliver the competition required to bring these greedy corporate thieves to their knees and deliver to them the kind of treatment they’ve delivered to too many American Citizens.  It may take us a voter revolt in 2010 but the American People have a long memory and these scare tactics, the outright lies promulgated by purchased politicians and driven by an Insurance Industry that has raped their customers for Wall Street Greed will stop.

Mythology Dispelled

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 28, 2009

Ann Coulter demonstrates the conservative blame-game methodology clearly in the above piece.  Suddenly it’s “Liberal Agitators” who are responsible for the Hitler moustache on Obama as if the Tea-Baggers in their Million Moron March had “Liberal Agitators” amongst their ranks.  The one film clip I saw of a Liberal, bless his heart, who was carrying a “Universal Health Insurance Now” sign required police protection to get out of the mob of Million Morons who most eloquently held signs saying,Keep Government out of my Medicare.”  Nuff said?

“Yeah, of course they do that.” Ann Coulter asserts.  I’m almost able to support censorship in this instance as this blond bimbo pseudo-intellectual babbling bitch brings her Right Wing Republican Conservative hate to bear.  In good Right Wing Republican style it’s always someone else to blame, the Republicans, the Tea-Baggers have no responsibility although the Lyndon LaRouche camp is the author of this image to the best of my knowledge.

The Cult of Jesus Crazies are best defined by the above tactics too.  These are the “Christians” who will tell you that the Bible was written by God and is his literal word and directive.  These are the white sheet hate-mongers who fail to grasp that Jesus was a Jew who, according to the mythology, was sent to save us all from the repressive Jewish laws as defined in the Old Testament but you don’t hear them screaming about Leviticus 20:13 “and they both shall be put to death” because they are eating shellfish or pork.

The Cult of Jesus Crazies are the hate-mongers who will tell you that women are possessions instructed to obey their husbands, children are to be seen and not heard, people of color are inferior races.  God gave dominion over all the earth and it’s animals to white men who worship an image of Jesus more Scandinavian than Jewish.  For all these hate mongers it is beyond the grasp of their meager brain capacity to understand the concepts of love and acceptance espoused by Jesus.   It is beyond the brain capacity of these Cult of Jesus Crazies to read and comprehend their Bible.

It is beyond these Cult of Jesus Crazies ability to understand that the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees me separation of church and state and the ability to practice my religion as I see fit.  I have no desire to adhere to the philosophy they demonstrate and thank God herself for the freedom to worship as I chose.

The Christian faith that I know is not the hate mongering, apocalypse delivering, nose up every woman’s womb that these creatures promote in their own special ways.  Our Founding Fathers were geniuses who understood clearly that ideology of hate and did their best to save us all from being subject to the Catholic or any Church.  We are “One nation under God” but you have no right to define that God for me now or ever.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party brought us to the economic collapse that every US citizen and 1/3 of the Global Population will pay for.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party brought us Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and against our citizens in a failed 30 year war on drugs prohibition.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party has insured the rich get richer and the middle class goes away so we are effectively a third world country because of their rape of this great nation’s labor, creativity and vitality.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party and the Democrats now in power sell us, we the people, out to the highest bidder for campaign contributions and bribes while living off our tax dollars and doing nothing but raping the middle class and selling-out our grand children’s futures for the instant gratification of Wall Street Greed, too big to fail Banks financed by TARP and government ownership of GM.

I’m only slightly disappointed in Barak H Obama’s performance in office to date because I have a firm grasp on the unholy mess delivered to him by the Bush White House Republican Conservative legacy.  I pray for real leadership from President Obama in Universal Health Care and Banking Regulation and Reform with a clear understanding that he is owned by the Banking & Insurance Industry.  I pray he grasps the strength of his bully pulpet and does the right thing.  Scrap it all and do real Universal Health Care.  Bust the Banker’s Balls and restore a middle class beyond the Military that is insulted by Mercenary Military Contractors.  Full disclosure, get honest and follow it up with campaign reform and term limits on all public offices.

Enlightenment Comes In Small Flashes

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 28, 2009

Enlightenment comes in small flashes.

A dear conservative, truly christian friend of many, many years duration became exceptionally pissed-off at me over my “cult of Jesus crazies” comments over the past several weeks.  “You become blasphemous and then ask for blessings?” Was his incredulous retort to me.  I encouraged him to post a comment here but it hasn’t appeared yet.  It may never materialize as we often agree to disagree.

The point is; debate, discussion and/or even an exchange of ideas is exceptionally difficult within the illness of political correctness that permeates any and every topic within the US today.  Bush and his cronies built the “unpatriotic” label for anyone who expressed any difference of opinion or view point as Bush raped the Constitution and built his mercenary Blackwater military.  This was preceded with the “America, love it or leave it” method of denigration for anyone who expressed a difference of opinion during the War in Viet Nam.  The Social Revolution of the 60s “hippie” brand taught us all these painful lessons too clearly.  Today’s cry of “racism” is one more tool to avoid communication.

While we’ve gradually won the social victories of equality for all, our economic futures and our economic security has clearly been conservatively shot all to hell and the banks are getting bigger, the Wall Street bail out demonstrated this clearly just in case your pay stagnation wasn’t demonstration enough.

What has become of the America of Liberty?

Where is the America that is the home of the free?

When did we come to a place where we can’t speak openly, exchange ideas openly and then come together in a unified path?

Where is the celebration of our differences that created the great strength of the melting pot of a truly American culture?

When did we become a nation of mindless sheep, forever fearful and dependent upon the government?  We’ve always had wacko critics like the Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck blowhards who see conspiracy and corruption everyplace except where it was germinated within the contemporary Republican party and conservatives who are unable to debate on the real issues.  These creeps “see” the problems they create but are unable to accept responsibility for their acts or words and focus on blaming the liberals for the woes their conservative views created.

I’m incredulous that Americans have allowed their representatives in government to be purchased by the almighty buck of campaign contributions and good old fashioned bribes.  No sense of culpability or responsibility exists among these bottom feeding pseudo-nobles who prey upon the population by inciting fears and providing empty promises, at best, to the huddled masses.  At least in an election year.

I’m disappointed that my peers have simply given up hope of an honest government. Have cynically accepted less than honest business with no hope of being treated fairly. Open opportunity for all has disappeared from the American landscape as the class system constructed is diminishing all of us regardless of the enrichment of the few or the crumbs we may be tossed.

I suppose I am one of a dead or dying breed.  I came from a christian rural farming upbringing with life-long ties to the natural world, a respect of and for all life coupled with an intense curiosity for anything and everything new, different and beyond the experience of the past while firmly rooted in the now.  A deep and abiding spirituality accompanies this world view now as then.  A thirst for knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge drives me.

Where has this reverence of and for nature, God’s acts and love for each other disappeared to?  It is truly vanished from the American vista to be replaced by Wall Street Greed driving homelessness and the rich depriving those less fortunate to hoard more while polluting the world within which we all must live.

We, the people, have the power.  It is time to apply that power.  Restore America now.

A New Day

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 27, 2009

The sunshine in Scarietta this morning is wonderful, a beautiful chamber of commerce day for all to enjoy.

The birthers are still ranting and like snake oil salesmen they are seeking $30 donations to their Not-for-profit to force this non-issue foundation for the hate from their cult of Jesus sense of entitlements.

Universal Health Care is derailed by spineless Democrats and rabid Republicans selling out to the corporate greed that drives Washington.

We are still at war in the USA in a war on drugs.  The good news on that front is that LA now has 168 Starbucks and 186 medicinal marajuana clubs.  LA looks more attractive every minute and maybe some of that smoke will drift across the bigoted south and effect a change.  Hope springs infernal on that count.

We are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan although President Barak H Obama is very unlike Bush in taking the time to decide on goals and direction instead of knee-jerk responses giving the military everything they ask for.  Now if we can get the private (Mercinary) military contractors off the government payroll I will be happier.

We’ve pissed all over Honduras with our insistence that they set aside their Democratic processes to restore a President who was hell bent on becoming another Hugo Chavez.  The Honduran Congress and their Military took the actions that they did to conserve the democracy within their country and we deny them aid.  How is it that we wage ware in the Middle East to “create” democracy and punish democratic actions to our south?

From the very heartland of the cult of Jesus Bible belt the hate and oppression of others has continued undaunted by truth.

The Bankers and Wall Street greed goes on unregulated and there isn’t the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of reigning in these power mongers who rule our politicians through their pockets.

One must understand that a blow-job by a Presidential Aid was an impeachable offense but destruction of the constitution and 10 clearly impeachable offenses were overlooked by the purchased politicians in the Bush era.

God bless America…


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Americans are really funny people.

We worry, we worry about money, the economy, our kids in the middle east, the war on drugs that’s criminalized our sons and daughters who have medical problems, the state of Health Care and the rape of the citizens by the Banking and Financial Institutions from Wall Street out.  We worry about the validity of birth certificates for our President and we are just mad as hell at Washington but don’t do anything to change it.  Americans just bitch.

Let’s just look at the reality.  Only 30% of the eligible voters ever turned out to vote in the Bush elections.  Obama at least got twice that many eligible voters turning out and that’s a good thing.  Americans will bitch about Congress but the reality is that we just keep re-electing these greedy thieves term after term because that’s how the corporate megabucks have purchased the elections through the media. We’ve just laid down and taken it from the Banking Institutions and the Insurance Companies treat us like cash cows until it’s time to pay off and then they drop our coverage.  The rich get richer and we work for less and less of the obscene corporate profit.

Vote with your dollars, vote on elections and make your voice heard.

Happy Friday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 25, 2009

Nude Baristas in Washington, FBI entrapment of a “bomber” whom they provided the bombs and the target and  the Randy Quaids arrest for skipping out on a hotel bill.  It must be a slow “news” day today.

G-20 is meeting in Pittsburgh, the monster banks are claiming to have turned over a new leaf in limiting the obscene fees they charge and the way they pay from your funds and we have 2 new missile hunting satellites in orbit.  Funny, I don’t feel any safer from external or internal attack as a result of any of this “news.”

The good news is that I woke up breathing today and that’s always a good start to the day.  The good news is that we are still able to excersize our rights to free speech, to bear arms and freedom of travel although, thanks to Bush bullshit that’s now only with State approved identification papers.

The good news is that Obama has begun to outline a new foreign policy that may be a clear path into a global future with American involvement compared to the failed Bush republican bully that existed prior to Barak H Obama’s election.  The United Nations address and the renewed activity of the USA in the UN is a clear demonstration of the personal diplomacy of this President.  It’s time the Iranians have their feet held in the fire and are reigned in hard.  The Brown and Obama show’s announcement of Iranian nuclear enrichment facility is good news.

The US economy is still in the crapper, just in case none of you checked recently. This weak recovery we are experiencing now is the calm before the storm.  Stock the cupboards, get your survival supplies in place and be prepared for the bumpy road that is waiting just ahead.  We will get through this together.


Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 24, 2009

Our President addressed the UN General Assembly yesterday.  Global warming, the US torture of prisoners, Global Economics and the empowerment of the people were all topics of his thoughtful words to the world.  I can’t help but wonder how sold out the Hondurans feel with their democracy on the outs with the US because their Congress and Military put Zelaya out in his jammies to have the US & UN deny foreign aid because of their democratic actions…  It’s a funny world.

The purchased politicians napped, reversed opinions, vented vitriolic ignorance and in general conduct this nation’s business as they have for decades by ignoring the will of the people to line their bank accounts.  No change, no Universal Health Care, no health care reform and no government action…  Wait for the punishment to come.

BBC America made my day today with a day-long Absolutely Fabulous marathon to incite me to the occasional chuckle.

An Epistle For Hope.

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The Average (whatever or whomever that may be) American Citizen is an endangered species with a laser guide locked onto their heart,  soul and wallet by the corruption driven politicians on Capital Hill and in every State House in this once great nation. We have snipers in the bushes with the cult of Jesus conservative crazies working as subversives to spread their hate, bigotry and lies through fear-mongering and alarmist terrorist tactics.  We are at the mercy of corporate Amerika raping us as they continue to purchase the political process in the USA today.  We have enemies we armed and funded working successfully to destroy this great nation as we give licence to spending ourselves to death in military actions abroad and Homeland Security pork and waste and fraud at home while good old fashioned civics would cure the source of the problem by making our politicians accountable.

The American is under attack on multiple levels.

We are under attack economically as we pay for the Wall Street Greed, Bush Bail-outs and the resulting recession/depression that wiped out our investment portfolios as the rich got richer and the government rewarded this behavior at our expense.

We are under attack by the Banks that have gotten bigger, who rape us for fees, charges and deliver a sense of entitlement to our assets because they are too big to fail. The government rewarded this behavior and the banks got bigger thanks to TARP funding.

We are under attack by our government that continues a War on Drugs, a war against the population since 1971 in a failed prohibition that drains our resources and will not end the problems of drug abuse in the USA.  All the while the alcohol and cigarette manufacturers get richer as the government endorsed drug providers.

We are under attack as the military drains away our economic power by pissing away the lives of our children in the sands in the Middle East where hate, war and genocide have ruled for thousands of years.  We can’t make Arabs respect Jews, we can’t make Afghanis respect Pakistani or Pakistani respect Indian, we can’t make Muslim respect Christian or Jew and these are the fundamental issues presenting.

We are under attack by Corporate Amerika focused on profits from illness, profits on material goods, profits from war, profits on education and profits on maintaining the status quo.

We are under attack by the cult of Jesus conservative crazies who insist upon conformity and “morality” while demonstrating that they are unable to meet their demands from within their own ranks.  None of us are sticking our noses up Every-womans’ womb.  None of us are insisting everyone fall in line with our personal ideology or conform to religious convictions that may or may not exist based on demonstrations by their finest examples in Washington and the State House of SC.  We find no fault in these cult of Jesus crazies following their own belief systems but the Constitution guarantees me separation of Church and State.  Thankfully I’m not subject to creatures who preach “pornography makes you Gay” or espouse hate and bigotry as family values as demonstrated by these cult of Jesus crazies.

We are under attack by the politicians who have sold America to the highest corporate bidders to line their own greedy pockets.

Americans have the ability to restore their government.

Starting at the local level and continuing up through the Federal Government Americans have to become the watchdogs of government and learn to enforce their will through election of individuals of character and holding them accountable.

We have the ability to vote with our hard earned dollars.  Spend with local business, support business that supports you, become responsible consumers and know that your dollars are your power.

Confront corruption on every level from the local government to the Federal Government fearlessly.

About 55% of life on Earth is hermaphroditic  and this then becomes the norm.  Sexual Dimorphism is not the rule of natural law, it is an extreme.

Black Before The Election

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 22, 2009

President Obama’s humor is greatly appreciated and I especially appreciate the work and open politics of his appearances on the TV over the past week.  Investing this kind of sweat equity (or what passes as real work for a politician) is not missed by this observer’s understanding that he is diligently working to solidify the Democrats into making this “Health Care Reform” windfall for the insurance companies become reality.

Without the checks and balances of a Universal Health Care, a Public Option, this legislation working through the legislature now is a Cash Cow of windfall profits for the insurance industry.  What is being formed is the rape of the public, the open invitation into the national treasury to the insurance industry and will not provide cost control or competition to help reduce the cost.  This is not health care reform as proposed; it is feeding the insurance companies 40 million subsidized customers without making any demands that they perform any better than they have in the past.

I do not subscribe to the idea that “something is better than nothing” in this instance at all.  It is clear to me that the corrupt political atmosphere on Capital Hill is hell-bent on punishment of the voting public in this action with the Baucus Health Bill being the foundation for reform.  This is bad legislation, it is recognized as bad legislation and the politicians are demonstrating the depth that the insurance companies have purchased them in the current circus and outlined “health care reform” that is not health care or reform.

Demand a Public Option, a single payer system and watch these thieves in Washington like a hawk.  They do not have American Citizen’s best interests at the heart of these actions being proposed.  These purchased politicians have their own interests and the interests of the insurance industry at the core of their acts.