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Activism 101

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 3, 2009

America is a great nation with a tradition of activism from the Boston Tea Party through the upheavals of the sixties and even, bless their little pea picking hearts, the screamers at the town hall meetings of only yesterday.

What is required now is a rebirth of activism to restore this great nation.  Each and every one of us has the ability to make a difference for all regardless of political affiliation or faith.  We have in our lives and in our hands the tools to effect positive and lasting change for all.

First:  A National Labor Strike. The 11th Hour Movement.

It is only by bringing the Special Interests to the clear understanding that it is American Labor that has created their wealth and sense of privilege that the first step is made.  It is fact that the government is the largest employer in the USA today.  Stop all the corporations and the government and small business by taking a day to spend with your family and friends without spending money, without work and without concern for what this government is doing to rape our grandchildren.  Starting in November every 11th is a day of National Labor Strike.

Second: Become involved in the process.

Write, email, telephone or telegraph your Local, State and National Representatives demanding that they restore fiscal responsibility, end the wars and address the issue of the nation’s health now.  Address the issues in the workplace, in the church, in your social circles and be relentless in the pursuit of the restoration of the American Dream.

Third: Assume nothing and never let down your guard.

This starts with becoming the watchdog of the corporation, the local government, the State government and especially the Federal government actions.  If business actions, government actions or military actions do not serve your need directly then cry foul and keep shouting until change is made.

In unity is strength and the American people have demonstrated the ability to change the experience for all.  We have the power as a unified people and the focus of this power must be the restoration of government of the people, for the people and by the people.  The 11th hour is upon us now.

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