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Happy Citizen’s Solidarity Day

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 4, 2009

This is Labor Day weekend, a holiday to honor American Labor.

The reality is that Corporate Amerika and the Politicians they own have brought us one more BOHICA moment.

Women will soon be the majority in the US workforce, working for less money than men and that’s a good thing for Corporate Amerika.  I’m not misogynistic and applaud the equality attained but the reality is that women are working for a lesser share of the net profits than men and we all loose because of that.

The reality is that Corporate Amerika shares less of the obscene profits with labor than ever before in history and Americans have just laid down and taken it.

The reality is that Americans are not better off than they were last year, last decade and almost last century thanks to the rape of America by the whores in Washington, DC and every State house in this once great nation.

Americans have allowed and encouraged this by demonstrating that they are mindless sheep who hand over liberty and opportunity and the fruits of their labor freely.  Americans have sold their children’s children into slavery and second class citizenry and that legacy is disgusting.

Today I chose to register my objections to this by not working, not spending money, not supporting the system and enjoying the company of family and friends who are actively doing the same in making today a day of solidarity of labor.

The 11th hour movement is upon us now.  It is the 11th hour for the United States and it is our obligation as citizens to effect real lasting change to insure we have a country, an economy and opportunity for the people.  End the wars in the deserts of the Middle East, on the population of this once great nation and bring and end to the economic manipulation and repression of a population created by special interest greed and the buying of politicians.

Restore America.

Universal Health Care is a requirement of civilized society.

We are able to pay for Universal Health Care because it is the right thing to do.

Stop the wars and bring our troops home.

Stop the war on drugs that is a war on the population.

Restore the economic vitality and opportunity to every American that is the foundation of what made this nation great and will insure her rise again.

Stop the economic manipulation of the Federal Reserve Board and restore the local bank that has a vested interest in the community instead of the huge corporate monsters of greedy bankers focused only upon the bottom line of how much more cash they can rape from the population.

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