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Happy Sunday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 6, 2009

On this Labor Day weekend, as the summer of Obama and insane Right-Wing crazies come to a whimpering end, I can only wonder what this coming week’s Presidential addresses will hold.  The Right-Wing Crazies are carrying on about Obama addressing the school kids to encourage them to stay in school.  This is not unexpected as the Right-Wing Crazies could care less about their children’s future or the future of the nation with their bigotry and hate as family values.  This is Amerika with a Bush legacy that Obama is working to repair and “instant-fix” don’t come in a can.

The Hawks are calling for more troops while the Military Contractors hired by Bush to keep up Middle East warrior numbers and employ his private corporate army are exposed in sophomoric and sadistic sexual hazing in good old Republican style.  The news that this expense isn’t reported will double the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Another Bush legacy demonstrating how contemptible this Texas Oilman bastard was and I know how history will record his acts.

Universal Health Care will fail because of the purchased politicians in Washington and the American population will continue to be raped by the Insurance Companies.  The Corporate Greed and purchase of politicians continues and America slides deeper into third world status on a second by second basis created by this reality.

I’m exploring spending the winter in Medillin, Columbia just to escape as many of my friends and peers have done who now live retired lives as ex-patriots in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras or Columbia.  The Right-Wing may win with “America, love it or leave it” because I see the caliber of American leaving and know the America that the Right-Wing wants back would still have Rosa Parks in the back of the bus too.

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