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Pink Baloons

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 7, 2009

Jaycee Dugard’s celebration of freedom, punctuated with pink balloons being set free, is an American display for a life restored regardless of how altered it may be now.  It may have taken 18 years, been provided several opportunities for an earlier end and now is greeted with righteous indignation for the perpetrators of the crime but the reality is still the same for Jaycee Dugard.

Americans would be better served by coming to their senses and beginning to deliver clear messages of the power that they wield now through boycott, demonstrations and actions to bring sanity and direction back to this society.

Bank of America demanding thumb prints from a customer who has no arms is one more graphic example of how Americans have allowed and encouraged this insanity.  The Banks rape us for interest rates and service charges, holding all of their consumers in contempt like the insurance companies.  Unless and until we put an end to the madness we will continue to be raped.  Wake up and smell the coffee kids.  We have the power to stop this abuse.

Bank Bailouts, TARP funds being used to create even larger mega-banks to screw all of us is not the solution.  The solution is the consumer taking control and that’s accomplished through boycott, demonstration and voting with the dollar.  Remove your money from Bank of America and make use of small local Banks.  Refuse to do business with the giant corporations who have clearly proclaimed open season on the consumer.

Americans have the power but no desire to change.  It’s much more comfortable to complain and be the victim.

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