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Obama Speaks to Students

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 8, 2009

Today at noon Obama will address the students of America urging them to stay in school, make the most of their educations and instilling in them the promise of a bright American future.  This is not without precedent with George W sitting stupid in a classroom, George H W addressing the students (that was construed as political pandering) or Ronald Reagan’s addressing students.

What strikes me about this current outcry from the Right-Wing Crazies is the bigotry expressed.  These Right-Wing Crazies cries of “indoctrination” and fears of “A Socialist Agenda” demonstrate the need for education and continuing education but these Hate-Mongering bigots will deny their children opportunity the same as they deny themselves opportunity.  Sad but too true.

For the Right-Wing Birthers and their ilk there is no fear of brainwashing; one would have to possess a brain for that to happen.

What has happened in America?  Where is the common courtesy?  Where is the respect of the office of the President of the United States?

This President is not ever going to assume a back of the bus position.

It is my fervent prayer that this President upholds his campaign promises for Universal Health Care and ending the Wars.  That’s what the man was elected for and it’s about time Barak H Obama fulfills his promises and begins putting the US house in order.

We’re watching President Obama and that watchfulness extends to every Local, State and Federal Politician.  We know and understand the pandering to special interests and will take action to clean up the mess with or without Presidential support.

Universal Health Care, Ending the Wars and putting our house in order is the job President Obama is elected to perform.  We are waiting Mr President.

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