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Universal Health Care

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 9, 2009

Tonight President Barak Obama will address a joint session with the topic of health care primary.

Here is my checklist to success:

  • 1) Universal Health Care = Public Option, the Government Funded Insurance.
  • A) Medicaid / Medicare style extended to all US Residents.
  • B) Price Controls and Government negotiated costs of prescription drugs.
  • C) Electronic Records System – privacy insured with Physician/Patient log in.
  • 2) Private Insurance Reforms beginning 2010
  • A) Open Market (across State lines) cap on deductibles and no insurance payment cap.
  • B) No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • C) 50% tax on Insurance Corporate Profits greater than 3% above GNP.
  • 3) No personal penalty or business penalty for not purchasing commercial health insurance.
  • A) Business with 50 or more employees must provide compensation to 50% of the cost of health insurance premiums regardless of source.
  • B) No trigger, the trigger is already pulled with the current condition.

The conservatives gave us Bush wars in the Middle East, the debacle of hurricane Katrina failure to provide aid to citizens in need, the Wall Street, Banking and Business bailout that’s pumped billions of dollars of taxpayer money into corporate greed and the rape of the Social Security System to fund interest payments on the debt run up by the Republicans.  Clinton delivered a balanced budget and the largest peacetime expansion in history and Bush shut that down to feed the greed of the industrial, congressional, military machine.

We’ve had a summer of Right Wing Insanity and fear mongering.  It’s long past time to shut the conservative bastards down and restore a free America for all citizens.  Bush and his cronies have demonstrated war on the population and we are all paying for it.

It is time for a real and lasting change.

Mr President, we elected you to get Universal Health Care, to end the wars in the Middle East and at home and to restore America to a free, equal, just and vibrant society.  Deliver on your promise.

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