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911 The 8th Anniversary

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 11, 2009

Eight years ago this morning the United States of America became a very different place.  Our President at the time, Dumb as a Box of Rocks George W Bush, sat in a classroom with children looking at pictures upside-down as a failed foreign policy came home to roost.  Americans gave up civil liberties and the Amerikan Gestapo was born in Homeland Security and The Patriot Act.  2,976 humans lost their lives in this terrorist attack that has no comparison anyplace else in history.

800 rescue workers or more became ill from working in rescue, clean-up and humanitarian efforts in the aftermath of the bombing of the World Trade Towers.  Families were destroyed and the lives of all Americans were altered forever in this one act precipitated by Bush in office and failed US foreign policy.  Damned chads and a purchased election are a great foundation for terrorism.

Americans are best served by clearly remembering that the United States trained these terrorists, supplied these terrorists with arms and ordinance in Afghanistan to fight against the Russian occupation there.  Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden’s involvement in the bombing of the African Embassy in Sudan, his return to Afghanistan and the American support of Israel are contributing factors to this attack against the United States Citizens on our soil but the foundation remains firmly in the Bush camp and US failed foreign policy throughout the Middle East.  Daddy, George Herbert Walker Bush, and United States involvement in supporting tyrants in the sand to supply the addiction to oil of Americans is the second aspect of this and his actions as well as baby boy George W Bush created the Taliban’s importance throughout the region by arming them and allowing them to come into power.  We, in effect, shot ourselves in the foot and set the stage for 9/11/01 through United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

Why do we continue to supply the Israelis with arms and $47.2 billion in American Taxpayer dollars when they breech peace accords by continuing to build on the West Bank and deny Palistinians basic human rights?  The United States was quick to remove foreign aid funds of $200 million to one of the poorest nations in this hemisphere when Hondurans removed a Chavez style President Zelaya and put him, in his jammies, out of the country in a peaceful coup endorsed by their congress and desired by the people.

Is 9/11 the foundation for our acts in Iraq, Afghanistan and our constant bumbling meddling throughout the region?  The reality is that 9/11 is a result of our failed foreign policy from decades of bumbling and supporting monarchy, dictatorships, tyrannical rule of Islamic cultures’ design and calling it “foreign policy” instead of leading to democracy and freedom for all peoples around the globe and those actions came home to roost on 9/11.

My sincere condolences to the families of those effected by this cowardly act are extended and heart felt.

As an American I am honest in my understanding of how our government is the responsible party and not the solution to the problem.  Being at war in Iraq and Afghanistan now is not the solution.

The solution is:

End the wars for oil and ideology and spend the money on creating an America independent of foreign oil by fueling an economic rebirth in sustainable fuels, energy and humanitarian acts beginning at home first.

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