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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 13, 2009

The past week demonstrated clearly that Americans have gone off the deep end of racism and the Million Moron March on Washington punctuated that clearly.  As an American I’m proud of Granny for getting off her lazy ass and getting out of the house for a change but the “cause” is questionable.

Lyndon LaRouche, Glenn Beck and Rush Linbaughs of this nation’s lunatic fringe have mobilized a group of humans with thinly veiled racism at the heart of the actions.

The cries of:

“I want my country back.”

Predominantly comes from whites who accepted dumb as a box of rocks Bush stealing the first election with the collusion of his Bubba in Florida.  The duly elected President, Barak Huissen Obama, is objectionable based solely on his mixed ethnic heritage and it’s a disgusting position of bigotry and hate that defines these “movements” as the extensions of the KKK, The John Birch Society and White Supremacy that the lack of issues demonstrates.  Just what do you want your country back from?

“Obama is spending us into bankruptcy.”

This is one of my favorite lies from the Birther, Right Wing Crazies.  George W Bush provided trillions of tax breaks to the wealthy, spent the US into bankruptcy and mortgaged us to the Chinese but these crazies think Obama is responsible.  Bush mounted a private armed force in Military Contractors and shredded the constitution and these idiots are only now understanding the cost that the Bush legacy created because Obama has made the numbers public.  You have your Senators and Congressmen to thank for spending us into bankruptcy and your own sorry demands that “the government” solve your lack of parenting skills and self-responsibility.

“No Universal Health Care” and “No Health Care Reform.”

The fear-mongering and pure ignorance demonstrated by these positions speaks eloquently to the narrow, petty, bigoted points of view from Right Wing Crazies who enjoy being raped by the middle men of Insurance Companies or are sitting on their fat asses enjoying the Medicare provided by Lyndon Johnson and the American Taxpayers.

“Nazi, Socialist and Fascist” and the illustrations provided by Lyndon LaRouch.

Demonstrations of these kinds enlighten us all to the lack of intelligence and the pandering to fear that grips these, perhaps well intended, ignorant fools who live in denial of the democratic process they claim to be upholding as patriotic people.  The reality is that bigotry and hate are not family values I learned in a loving Christian home and these Right Wing Crazies demonstrate they are not patriotic.  Inflamed by hate these creatures demonstrate no grasp on the political process and no respect of their fellow Americans much less the office of President of the United States as their bigoted representation screams “you lie” in a joint session of Congress & The Senate that the President was addressing.

I’m disgusted, appalled and sorely disappointed with Americans, the Congress & Senate and the conditions of the current “discussion” of a serious matter concerning our and our children’s futures in Health Care and an economy with economic opportunity for all.  The whores on Capitol Hill sell us all out with accepting huge contributions from the Health Care Lobby to purchase their votes and the intent is to kill any Health Care Reform.

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