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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 15, 2009

I was moved to respond to an Anderson Cooper piece today.  Below is the cut and paste of that response.


Thanks for taking time to send this to President Obama but the real issue is the overwhelming preponderance of whores on Capitol Hill who sell out to Corporate Amerika to purchase the next election and maintain their positions of royalty in the court of Amerika’s House of Lords.

Our duly elected President is too much the centrist to take charge of this vitriolic screaming match and focus on the real issues of Insurance Company and Wall Street Greed being confused as Health Care combined with the vested interest the politicians have in maintaining the status quo to line their pockets. Ball-busting leadership in standing up as an honest man and telling the truth is required and that stands about the same chance as a snowball in hell anyplace within the political landscape of today.

As an American I see the corruption, the greed and the purchase of our elected officials by the Insurance Industry, Wall Street and Banking as the common enemy. Until this wholesale purchase of politicians ends there is no credible voice on Capitol Hill and the fraud of “debate” over “health care reform” is a graphic example.

Impeach all the treasonous bastards and let’s get representation of the people, by the people and not the corporate pay-off that exists now. The Million Moron March on 6/12/09 demonstrated this malcontent with Capitol Hill conditions and no one talks about the 600 pound gorilla of Campaign Contributions buying Politicians.

Thanks for listening.

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