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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 16, 2009

On yet another gray morning in Marietta, the coffee is most welcome as the elixir of life and aids in bringing consciousness to the world.  Alex and I have “had coffee” via the internet and yahoo messenger for years and years now.  We’ve taken this to the level of chatting online during the Sunday Church services we share too without any detrimental effects to either.  Some days we solve the woes of the world and others it’s just dissing the latest news or friends who are a constant source of humor.

Having beaten the Grim Reaper for another year is a point of hope.  Although the Grim Reaper did visit my home for my friend Nancy who spent her last days in this life with me helping to provide a good quality of life, end of life counseling and attaining her bucket-list desires to the best of my ability.  The reality of moving into the future assumes a great importance to me.  The intimate knowledge that no one gets out alive helps provide meaning and direction in the now.

Like many Americans, when Nancy became ill it was increasingly difficult for her to maintain her home, meet the day-to-day cost of living and pay for medical care while still working.  The free clinic in Tallahassee, FL where she lived at the time, diagnosed pneumonia in March and she received treatment through November when I physically moved her here to live with me.  Finding medical care for Nancy here in Georgia was a challenge because she was among the uninsured and not eligible for Medicare until July of 2009 when she would’ve turned 65.

God, in her infinite wisdom, provided the gateway for Nancy’s care through a hospital foundation for care and the doctors who treated her donating their time.  The hospitalizations Nancy endured were paid for by the hospital and the Hospice Care for her last days was a great comfort and helped ease her passing with end of life counseling and the medications required to reduce her pain and suffering while remaining at home where she was most comfortable.

Alex and I, during coffee this morning, were commenting on the miracle of this quality of care for Nancy’s last days in spite of the fact that she had no insurance and no financial where with all to pay for medical care.  I am only able to understand this as a true miracle.

To that end I am praying for another miracle in the USA today.  Universal Health Care must be accomplished for the hardworking citizenry of the nation and to maintain our status as a civilized nation providing leadership into the future.

I truly like, admire and respect the President of the United States but lay the fault squarely at his feet for the current failure of Universal Health Care because he too, like any politician, is held hostage by a pseudo-regulated industry of middle men who provide no value for service in the health care arena.  Insurance Companies do nothing but shuffle money from our pockets into the pockets of the Medical Service Providers while skimming off the top to maximize their bottom line of profits for faceless, nameless Wall Street greed.

It took 40 years from introduction to attaining the reality of Medicare.  We’ve been more than 40 years now, with the Insurance Industry on notice, doing battle for Universal Health Care and the Insurance Company’s responses are to build an unsustainable inflationary spiral, rape the business community for higher premiums and be a stumbling block to attaining health care for all citizens.  The inflationary spiral driven by these middle men has denied the working man raises, while decreasing benefits and delivering denial of services to those who are in need to preserve their bottom line profits.  The health care lobby owns Washington, DC and our politicians pander to the corporate greed that has led us to this point.  The reality is that the current systems are not sustainable into the future and we owe our children the opportunity for Universal Health Care now.

The Million Moron March on Washington demonstrates clearly the dissatisfaction of a segment of the public with the current conditions in Washington, of that there can be no denial. The largest segment of Americans have not demonstrated, have not risen to display their mistrust, cynicism and disgust with the Politicians in Washington, DC but this sentiment runs deeply through the national consciousness.  I was not and am not surprised by the Million Moron March on Washington and the mindset of “don’t confuse me with facts; my mind is made up” from the well-intended although ill-informed masses whose desires for an honest government and real solutions to the everyday problems they face are inflamed by the likes of Glenn Beck, Lyndon LaRouche or the Rush Limbaugh of this culture.  These bottom-feeding, right wing, ultra-conservative crazies depend upon the ignorance of the masses to feed their delusions of grandeur.

There are no discussions or debates on the real issues of Health Care Reform contained within any of the bru-ha-ha that rages throughout the nation today.  The mob mentality and today’s scorecard rules any reporting in this Conservative vs. Liberal game of verbal sparring with no solutions provided from either camp.  In the meantime Americans are still at the mercy of Insurance Company bottom line profits raped from their pockets as the politicians line theirs by having their positions purchased.  Business as usual in Washington DC and Corporate AmeriKa, at the citizen’s expense, is the end result.

The smoke screens of pure bigotry, carefully crafted misinformation and disinformation are the tools employed against the American Citizenry while the politicians continue to wheel, deal and craft do-nothing legislation and admonishments for their poster child Ron Wilson who is much more representative of these thieves in Washington than any American wants to admit.

Keep your eyes on the prize and keep your faith because Universal Health Care – Medicare for everyone is possible and inevitable.  The death of the Insurance Corporation, the middle-man thief, is the first step in re-establishing a free America for all citizens.

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