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The Baucus Health Bill

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 17, 2009

Health Care Reform has died an untimely death with the Baucus Health Bill being presented.  If this “bipartisan” bill were to pass (without a public option) the Health Insurance Fat-Cat middle men will become a stranglehold on the US population.  Our politicians have sold us out again.  The Baucus Health Bill is an invitation for the Insurance Companies to rape the treasury and penalizes American Taxpayers.

Do you want to pour money into the Insurance Company coffers based on the historic performances of exclusion of pre-existing conditions, 30% plus net profits, denial of claims and exclusion from or cancellation of insurance when in need?

Do you want this government to tell you that you have to purchase from these corporate entities who have raped your small business, your corporation, cost you raises by inflating costs based on actuarial tables with no foundation in reality?

The outcry from the cold black heart of corporate Amerikkka is “unfair competition” from any government entity because an honest government insurance pool, devoid of the Fat-Cat salaries, perks and Wall Street Greed payoffs will put these bastards out of business and it’s about time. The insurance company middle men have enriched themselves at the cost of human lives and now purchase politicians to keep their scam moving forward.

Americans are resourceful people.  We have the ability to organize honest medical care through means other than what the Fat-Cats and purchased politicians want to lead us down the path to.  Physicians and Hospitals are resources for human aid and direct payment to health care associations on a free market basis will, at least, save us the 30% that is skimmed off the top of the insurance scams as operated today.  If every uninsured American today paid $300.00 into a pool for Universal Health Care a total of $12,000,000,000.00 would exist as endowment against services rendered on an annual basis.  This exceeds the government’s estimated costs.

This real economic power is the key and simply handing over these kinds of funds to purchased politicians and clearly demonstrated Wall Street Greed couple with corporate Amerikkka’s exclusive focus on the bottom line profit rather than wellness and the welfare of Americans is a recipe for disaster.

The Baucus Health Bill is healthy for corporate Amerikka, keeps the Insurance Companies pumping campaign cash into politicians pockets but does nothing except punish the American population because we have the courage and determination to stand up and demand what is right, moral and honest in health care for all.

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