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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 18, 2009

Shouts of “racism,” murders at Yale, Iranian Presidents resembling George W Bush and the tactical weapons change in plans in Poland making Russia happy have all distracted from the Universal Health Care and restoring the American Government to fiscal responsibility and this nation to the position of world leadership.

Wake up America!

The politicians on Capitol Hill are not going to represent the best interest of the nation.  The politicians on Capitol Hill are going to line their own pockets and sell their votes to the highest bidder because that’s business as usual in the United States.  The American Citizen is of no value and no concern to the politician and the Baucus health care reform bill is an insult to anyone and everyone who has even a rudimentary grasp on the topic of Universal Health Care.

Solutions for this begin with:

National Labor Strikes – Marches on Washington are events that have a lot of impact for one day but a National Labor Strike, shutting down the nation until action is taken on our behalf is an ongoing and real opportunity to effect change.  Without this type of unified action now we are all doomed to being subservient to the whims of Capital Hill and that’s what has to stop now.

Petitions, Mail Campaigns and Email Campaigns – We must drive the issues of Universal Health care, ending the wars and restoring fiscal responsibility to the Nation and do it now.

Demand Balanced Budgets – We live within our means and it’s long past time that the Federal and State Governments learn to do the same.

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