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Big Lies

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 20, 2009

Since 1971 the cigarette & alcohol companies with the collusion of the Federal Government have conducted a War on Drugs feeding the corporate prisons a million humans to hold as slaves paid for at the rate of $40,000 each per year into the pockets of Government Contractors.

We are now, this instant, pissing away our children’s lives, our hard earned money and our children’s futures in the sands of the Middle East by this same corrupt government.

If the Health Care Reform proposed passes we will become slaves to the insurance company middle men subsidized by the same corrupt government that delivers this sell out package to the American public and suddenly, regardless of their personal motivations, the Million Moron March on Washington makes sense.

My disgust levels have risen well above tolerable.  Living outside the USA may be the only solution.

Momma always said: “If you are going to tell a lie; make it a big one.”

Thankfully I adopted “tell them the truth first; they’ll never believe it anyway.”

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