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The Big Lie

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 21, 2009

The Upstate, NY Republican upbringing hasn’t hurt me any when one looks at the big picture but understanding “The Big Lie” has taken time.

In the USA today “The Big Lie” takes many forms.

A war on drugs that has criminalized over a million humans with medical problems and is fed by the government to fund CIA and illegal military operations since 1971 with no end in site and the cost growing daily feeding the corporate prisons.  Universal Health Care funding exists here with money left over to pay down the national debt.

Wars in the Middle East with no clear goals and only a nebulous and undefined enemy in the tactic of terrorism claiming the lives of our youth and draining the American economy of vitality.  The corporate military contractors purchased by George W Bush and continued by Obama are the first cost to dump now.

An out of control government purchased by the special interests and owned by corporate Amerika’s purchasing of politicians and this has happened because Americans are apathetic about taking action on their behalf. Less than half of us actually vote.  Pay attention, be a good citizen and retake your government now.

It is no mystery that Americans have a grave mistrust of Government.  American citizens have just bailed out corporate Amerika and sustained losses greater than occurred in the Great Depression and this Government thinks it is still business as usual.  We are being raped for wars driven by oil and failed economics without any hope of repayment and the world is not a safer place because of it.

The Solution:

Stop the wars, bring our troops home and use the money to pay off the national debt now.  Restore American freedom through real action for everyone’s good.  Use the money to provide Universal Health Care.  Use the money, our money, to assist in providing education to all in America.  Use the money to protect our borders and help control the flood of humans who still desire to become Americans.  Illegal immigrants are the highest compliment this nation receives. Stop the hate, restore the American Dream.  Use your vote and be informed.

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