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An Epistle For Hope.

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 23, 2009

The Average (whatever or whomever that may be) American Citizen is an endangered species with a laser guide locked onto their heart,  soul and wallet by the corruption driven politicians on Capital Hill and in every State House in this once great nation. We have snipers in the bushes with the cult of Jesus conservative crazies working as subversives to spread their hate, bigotry and lies through fear-mongering and alarmist terrorist tactics.  We are at the mercy of corporate Amerika raping us as they continue to purchase the political process in the USA today.  We have enemies we armed and funded working successfully to destroy this great nation as we give licence to spending ourselves to death in military actions abroad and Homeland Security pork and waste and fraud at home while good old fashioned civics would cure the source of the problem by making our politicians accountable.

The American is under attack on multiple levels.

We are under attack economically as we pay for the Wall Street Greed, Bush Bail-outs and the resulting recession/depression that wiped out our investment portfolios as the rich got richer and the government rewarded this behavior at our expense.

We are under attack by the Banks that have gotten bigger, who rape us for fees, charges and deliver a sense of entitlement to our assets because they are too big to fail. The government rewarded this behavior and the banks got bigger thanks to TARP funding.

We are under attack by our government that continues a War on Drugs, a war against the population since 1971 in a failed prohibition that drains our resources and will not end the problems of drug abuse in the USA.  All the while the alcohol and cigarette manufacturers get richer as the government endorsed drug providers.

We are under attack as the military drains away our economic power by pissing away the lives of our children in the sands in the Middle East where hate, war and genocide have ruled for thousands of years.  We can’t make Arabs respect Jews, we can’t make Afghanis respect Pakistani or Pakistani respect Indian, we can’t make Muslim respect Christian or Jew and these are the fundamental issues presenting.

We are under attack by Corporate Amerika focused on profits from illness, profits on material goods, profits from war, profits on education and profits on maintaining the status quo.

We are under attack by the cult of Jesus conservative crazies who insist upon conformity and “morality” while demonstrating that they are unable to meet their demands from within their own ranks.  None of us are sticking our noses up Every-womans’ womb.  None of us are insisting everyone fall in line with our personal ideology or conform to religious convictions that may or may not exist based on demonstrations by their finest examples in Washington and the State House of SC.  We find no fault in these cult of Jesus crazies following their own belief systems but the Constitution guarantees me separation of Church and State.  Thankfully I’m not subject to creatures who preach “pornography makes you Gay” or espouse hate and bigotry as family values as demonstrated by these cult of Jesus crazies.

We are under attack by the politicians who have sold America to the highest corporate bidders to line their own greedy pockets.

Americans have the ability to restore their government.

Starting at the local level and continuing up through the Federal Government Americans have to become the watchdogs of government and learn to enforce their will through election of individuals of character and holding them accountable.

We have the ability to vote with our hard earned dollars.  Spend with local business, support business that supports you, become responsible consumers and know that your dollars are your power.

Confront corruption on every level from the local government to the Federal Government fearlessly.

About 55% of life on Earth is hermaphroditic  and this then becomes the norm.  Sexual Dimorphism is not the rule of natural law, it is an extreme.

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