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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 26, 2009

Americans are really funny people.

We worry, we worry about money, the economy, our kids in the middle east, the war on drugs that’s criminalized our sons and daughters who have medical problems, the state of Health Care and the rape of the citizens by the Banking and Financial Institutions from Wall Street out.  We worry about the validity of birth certificates for our President and we are just mad as hell at Washington but don’t do anything to change it.  Americans just bitch.

Let’s just look at the reality.  Only 30% of the eligible voters ever turned out to vote in the Bush elections.  Obama at least got twice that many eligible voters turning out and that’s a good thing.  Americans will bitch about Congress but the reality is that we just keep re-electing these greedy thieves term after term because that’s how the corporate megabucks have purchased the elections through the media. We’ve just laid down and taken it from the Banking Institutions and the Insurance Companies treat us like cash cows until it’s time to pay off and then they drop our coverage.  The rich get richer and we work for less and less of the obscene corporate profit.

Vote with your dollars, vote on elections and make your voice heard.

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