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Enlightenment Comes In Small Flashes

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 28, 2009

Enlightenment comes in small flashes.

A dear conservative, truly christian friend of many, many years duration became exceptionally pissed-off at me over my “cult of Jesus crazies” comments over the past several weeks.  “You become blasphemous and then ask for blessings?” Was his incredulous retort to me.  I encouraged him to post a comment here but it hasn’t appeared yet.  It may never materialize as we often agree to disagree.

The point is; debate, discussion and/or even an exchange of ideas is exceptionally difficult within the illness of political correctness that permeates any and every topic within the US today.  Bush and his cronies built the “unpatriotic” label for anyone who expressed any difference of opinion or view point as Bush raped the Constitution and built his mercenary Blackwater military.  This was preceded with the “America, love it or leave it” method of denigration for anyone who expressed a difference of opinion during the War in Viet Nam.  The Social Revolution of the 60s “hippie” brand taught us all these painful lessons too clearly.  Today’s cry of “racism” is one more tool to avoid communication.

While we’ve gradually won the social victories of equality for all, our economic futures and our economic security has clearly been conservatively shot all to hell and the banks are getting bigger, the Wall Street bail out demonstrated this clearly just in case your pay stagnation wasn’t demonstration enough.

What has become of the America of Liberty?

Where is the America that is the home of the free?

When did we come to a place where we can’t speak openly, exchange ideas openly and then come together in a unified path?

Where is the celebration of our differences that created the great strength of the melting pot of a truly American culture?

When did we become a nation of mindless sheep, forever fearful and dependent upon the government?  We’ve always had wacko critics like the Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck blowhards who see conspiracy and corruption everyplace except where it was germinated within the contemporary Republican party and conservatives who are unable to debate on the real issues.  These creeps “see” the problems they create but are unable to accept responsibility for their acts or words and focus on blaming the liberals for the woes their conservative views created.

I’m incredulous that Americans have allowed their representatives in government to be purchased by the almighty buck of campaign contributions and good old fashioned bribes.  No sense of culpability or responsibility exists among these bottom feeding pseudo-nobles who prey upon the population by inciting fears and providing empty promises, at best, to the huddled masses.  At least in an election year.

I’m disappointed that my peers have simply given up hope of an honest government. Have cynically accepted less than honest business with no hope of being treated fairly. Open opportunity for all has disappeared from the American landscape as the class system constructed is diminishing all of us regardless of the enrichment of the few or the crumbs we may be tossed.

I suppose I am one of a dead or dying breed.  I came from a christian rural farming upbringing with life-long ties to the natural world, a respect of and for all life coupled with an intense curiosity for anything and everything new, different and beyond the experience of the past while firmly rooted in the now.  A deep and abiding spirituality accompanies this world view now as then.  A thirst for knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge drives me.

Where has this reverence of and for nature, God’s acts and love for each other disappeared to?  It is truly vanished from the American vista to be replaced by Wall Street Greed driving homelessness and the rich depriving those less fortunate to hoard more while polluting the world within which we all must live.

We, the people, have the power.  It is time to apply that power.  Restore America now.

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