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Mythology Dispelled

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 28, 2009

Ann Coulter demonstrates the conservative blame-game methodology clearly in the above piece.  Suddenly it’s “Liberal Agitators” who are responsible for the Hitler moustache on Obama as if the Tea-Baggers in their Million Moron March had “Liberal Agitators” amongst their ranks.  The one film clip I saw of a Liberal, bless his heart, who was carrying a “Universal Health Insurance Now” sign required police protection to get out of the mob of Million Morons who most eloquently held signs saying,Keep Government out of my Medicare.”  Nuff said?

“Yeah, of course they do that.” Ann Coulter asserts.  I’m almost able to support censorship in this instance as this blond bimbo pseudo-intellectual babbling bitch brings her Right Wing Republican Conservative hate to bear.  In good Right Wing Republican style it’s always someone else to blame, the Republicans, the Tea-Baggers have no responsibility although the Lyndon LaRouche camp is the author of this image to the best of my knowledge.

The Cult of Jesus Crazies are best defined by the above tactics too.  These are the “Christians” who will tell you that the Bible was written by God and is his literal word and directive.  These are the white sheet hate-mongers who fail to grasp that Jesus was a Jew who, according to the mythology, was sent to save us all from the repressive Jewish laws as defined in the Old Testament but you don’t hear them screaming about Leviticus 20:13 “and they both shall be put to death” because they are eating shellfish or pork.

The Cult of Jesus Crazies are the hate-mongers who will tell you that women are possessions instructed to obey their husbands, children are to be seen and not heard, people of color are inferior races.  God gave dominion over all the earth and it’s animals to white men who worship an image of Jesus more Scandinavian than Jewish.  For all these hate mongers it is beyond the grasp of their meager brain capacity to understand the concepts of love and acceptance espoused by Jesus.   It is beyond the brain capacity of these Cult of Jesus Crazies to read and comprehend their Bible.

It is beyond these Cult of Jesus Crazies ability to understand that the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees me separation of church and state and the ability to practice my religion as I see fit.  I have no desire to adhere to the philosophy they demonstrate and thank God herself for the freedom to worship as I chose.

The Christian faith that I know is not the hate mongering, apocalypse delivering, nose up every woman’s womb that these creatures promote in their own special ways.  Our Founding Fathers were geniuses who understood clearly that ideology of hate and did their best to save us all from being subject to the Catholic or any Church.  We are “One nation under God” but you have no right to define that God for me now or ever.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party brought us to the economic collapse that every US citizen and 1/3 of the Global Population will pay for.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party brought us Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and against our citizens in a failed 30 year war on drugs prohibition.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party has insured the rich get richer and the middle class goes away so we are effectively a third world country because of their rape of this great nation’s labor, creativity and vitality.

The Conservative Right, the Republican Party and the Democrats now in power sell us, we the people, out to the highest bidder for campaign contributions and bribes while living off our tax dollars and doing nothing but raping the middle class and selling-out our grand children’s futures for the instant gratification of Wall Street Greed, too big to fail Banks financed by TARP and government ownership of GM.

I’m only slightly disappointed in Barak H Obama’s performance in office to date because I have a firm grasp on the unholy mess delivered to him by the Bush White House Republican Conservative legacy.  I pray for real leadership from President Obama in Universal Health Care and Banking Regulation and Reform with a clear understanding that he is owned by the Banking & Insurance Industry.  I pray he grasps the strength of his bully pulpet and does the right thing.  Scrap it all and do real Universal Health Care.  Bust the Banker’s Balls and restore a middle class beyond the Military that is insulted by Mercenary Military Contractors.  Full disclosure, get honest and follow it up with campaign reform and term limits on all public offices.

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