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Insurance Industry Spending on Universal Health Care

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 29, 2009

As the Senate debates today on excluding the Public Option (aka Universal Health Care Government sponsored like Medicare for all) it is important to pay attention to the reality of Insurance & Health Care Industry’s purchase of our politicians.

The above link provides to you a tool to use so you are better able to understand what your elected (purchased) representatives in Washington align their loyalty with.
Mr Baucus has a very enlightening list of contributors for the individual tasked with delivering Health Care Reform and the current bill represents his interests very well.

Looking at the top contributors to the campaigns of Baucus D Montana tells me clearly how this travesty of feeding the Health Insurance Industry out of the National Treasury came into reality.  The drafted legislation delivers 47 million new customers to the Insurance Companies and guarantees their premium payments out of the taxes we all pay.  This is not Health Care Reform.  It is an open invitation to fatten the overflowing coffers of the Insurance Company out of all of our pockets.

We will pay for Universal Health Care one way or another but the track record of the Insurance Companies is not a solid foundation for trust from me or the public but this politician sure does love them.

Max Baucus has received over 5 million dollars in campaign contributions from the Health Care Industry and putting this man in charge of the committee building this Health Care Reform Bill is like the fox guarding the hen house.  This man has a vested interest to the tune of $5 million dollars in maintaining the status quo and the bill that has appeared feeds the greed and doesn’t solve the real problem of Universal Health Care for all US Citizens.

This Insurance Industry insider, Wendell Potter speaks eloquently to the real issues of this national need now.

We the people must take actions now to stop this railroad by the Insurance Industry, to stop the lies and remove the fraud from our Health Care system in the USA today.

Write to your Congressman, Senator and the White House, use the information from the links above to put the politicians on notice that we are watching and they are on the chopping block if they fail to deliver a Public Option, a true Universal Health Care System to deliver the competition required to bring these greedy corporate thieves to their knees and deliver to them the kind of treatment they’ve delivered to too many American Citizens.  It may take us a voter revolt in 2010 but the American People have a long memory and these scare tactics, the outright lies promulgated by purchased politicians and driven by an Insurance Industry that has raped their customers for Wall Street Greed will stop.

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