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Weiner on Health Care

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on September 30, 2009

Eloquent information.

The Republicans argument (the big lie and fear-mongering) about government involvement in health care is blown out of the water. Remember it was the Republicans who bought us the Global economic collapse, AIG, funded the bail-out of Wall Street, bought us all GM and provided TARP funds to insure the Banks got bigger and really “too big to fail” that have spoken here in America. The Republicans brought us 3 wars, huge deficits and now sit on their duffs doing nothing but raking in Insurance Industry graff, pay-offs and special junkets, apparently they Iike Medicare, The VA and Indian Care.

Did these Republican creeps vote “NO” on Medicare?

Not in this lifetime.

They like their jobs taking money for nothing and selling-out the Americans they are supposed to represent. There are several Democrats on that list too. I have a long memory and will remind you when it counts.

Mr. Grassley’s statements about “leading to a single payer” is the slippery slope of the public option leading to a single payer and the people are afraid of that. The NY Times poll said 65% support the public option. Heritage Foundation (Christian Conservative Right) and the Lewin Group is the health insurance industry (United Health Care to be exact) predict this for Mr. Grassley to regurgitate to all our detriment.

This is part of the games your politicians are playing with you, your health, your children’s health and your financial health.

There is hope.

Write your Congressmen, Senators and the White House in support of a single payer system.

Medicare for all is a great solution.

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