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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 2, 2009

OK, I can’t resist:

Unemployment reached 9.8% nationwide in our current “economic recovery.”

This is what the opposition is like:

This “Republican, Conservative, doesn’t want to be identified with any group, Biblical values” creature is the face of the opposition that a Democratic Majoriety in both houses and a Democratic President fail to deliver on the election promise of Universal Health Care.  Is it any wonder that we had a dumb as a box of rocks Bush in office for 8 years?

Do you feel SOLD OUT to the Insurance Industry Ownership of the Political Process in Washington?  Clearly the Insurance Industry’s purchase of these politicians has just paid off.

Here’s a cure:

To Hell with the Insurance Companies or Health Care Reform as we’ve seen in Baucus delivering the US Treasury into the Insurance Company’s hands. This Government owns AIG, an insurance company, so let’s demand that they set the bar for competition.  Let’s make AIG the “American Insurance Group” and set the government up as competitor for the Insurance Companies and deliver to them the same type of care they have delivered to us.

Through the “New AIG,” the Government can supply Universal Health Care according to what is required to meet the demands of 65% of the population of voters in the USA today.

The government can offer property insurance, auto insurance, malpractic insurance and other casualty insurances as they deem required to insure fair competition. If this is going to happen let’s just go for the end goal and put Corporate AmeriKKKa on notice.

I’ll pay $50.00 a month for Health Care right now and propose that Families pay $100.00 a month.

For that I expect:

Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics and all Health Care providers will be certified within the Universal Health Care System and the payment per service for Universal Health Care Patients agreed to by the Physician, Hospital, Clinic or Health Care Provider as registry within the Universal Health Care System is a contract to perform.

Access to a physician for an annual check-up and the testing required covered under the doctor’s direction.

The medication and/or continuing care required will be paid for by this Universal Health Care system with the exception of the $5.00 I pay to the pharmacist for processing and recording.

If I am injured or ill I expect access to Urgent Care and Hospital Facilities as required by my condition and my physician’s assessment at no penalty to me with a $10.00 co-pay to the Doctor, $10.00 to the Hospital (per day, maximum annually $100.00) and if continuing care is required; my expenses are capped at a maximum of $10.00 a day to a lifetime $1,000.00.

I expect all medical records to be digitized and secure with physician and patient passwords required for access during treatment.  All entries must be viewed and released by the patient either at time of entry or at next entry.  All test results and lab results are fully confidential and may be emailed for acceptance and access by my physician and me.

For this I will agree to:

Tort reform to limit the amounts of any settlement against a medical professional, in the event I am injured through malpractice, malfeasance or unethical behavior, to $100,000.00 individually or $250,000.00 to the hospital or treating agents.

This is caveated with a 3-strikes and you are out professional review process where a physician once convicted of malpractice, malfeasance or unethical behavior will be suspended from practice for 1 year to 10 years dependent upon the recommendation of the review board comprised of 3 physicians and 4 laymen.

Here’s real choice, competition and Universal Health Care that doesn’t feed the greed of the Insurance Corporations that have raped you as 30% middle men with profits and not the health, welfare and the financial security of their insured as contracted at interest.  There’s a bar for the greedy creeps to meet.

Here is a tool to do away with the $11.9 million annual salaries of the Insurance Company CEOs.  Here is real choice and real competition.

Do the math and it makes great sense. 47,000.000.000 uninsured paying $600 a year = $28,200,000,000.00

The Gross National Product of $7,903,000,0000.00 (1998 census report) X 16% Health Care = $126,448,000,000.00.

This becomes $411.60 per each of the 307,212,000 in the American population or $187.40 per person to administer the program.  The US demonstrates in Medicare and the VA that they can manage the programs at 5% so we have a reserve fund building at roughly $150 per person enrolled per year.  An annual surplus of $7,050,000,000.00 if every American utilizes the Health Services provided under Universal Health Care with the “New AIG.”

There’s a plan independent of any Insurance Company Interest that puts the US Citizen first and provides Universal Health Care on a competitive level.

Here’s a very realistic bonus:  Students in Health Care programs qualify for no interest student loans to insure the future health of the Universal Health Care system by insuring 5 years service as repayment of student loans.

The reserves produced may be used to create new Urgent Health Care Clinics, Hospital and Testing Equipment financing.  A maximum of 10% of the reserve fund may be designated for Third World Universal Health Care Development.

Kind of makes one wonder how Baucus and the Boys on Capital Hill take so long to get something done?  Makes me wonder even more how any of these thieves in Washington think that they will remain in office.  FDR got National Parks done in 10 days.  Where is the leadership?

Obama, I’m feeling SOLD OUT.

Washington, I’m feeling SOLD OUT.

American Labor is SOLD OUT.

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