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Saturday Sunshine

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 3, 2009

Sunshine is wonderful today on the deck here in Scarietta, GA.

Robert “Joe” Haldeman is out on bond and has pleaded “not guilty” to the extortion charges from David Letterman and the State of New York. This is even after trying to cash the $2 million check.  One should be thankful that you are innocent until proven guilty.
It’s a funny place America demonstrates with citizens taking these kind of actions.  I think it’s a sign of the desperation of the overall population being expressed and I wonder what the desperate need, the greed of Wall Street was driven by?
I’m sure you and I do have a very clear understanding of the mechanics of this kind of extortion after recent experiences. Wall Street and the Banks held-up all the American Citizens and Global Economics by threatening depression as a result of their greed. This became the invitation from Purchased Politicians to Wall Street and the Bankers greed who helped themselves to the Treasury with the blessing of the Federal Government under Dumb as a Box of Rocks George W Bush and followed through by Barack Obama and the gang of thieves on Capital Hill.

All of the American Citizens see this and know the truth of this although the depth of that obviously isn’t felt deeply enough to demand change.

We thought we had change in President Barack Obama.  That’s what we voted for.  Kind of makes one wonder what all this Birther, 912 Million Moron March and Conservative Republican Right-wing vitriol is all about.  There’s no change in getting raped by Wall Street, the Banks, Corporate Greed in general and the Insurance  Companies demanding their fair “Pigs At The Trough” share.  Thank you Ms Huffington.

I’ll become conscious here in a few once the coffee does it’s thing.

Unemployment is the only sector experiencing steady growth and this is now entering the 21st month of Corporate AmeriKKKa’s war on US Labor. From “Voodoo economics” and “Smoke and Mirrors” Republican economics initiated by Reagan and continued through Dumb As A Box Of Rocks Bush; the FEDs, Wall Street in Corporate AmeriKKKa and the Banks have sucked the life blood of cash out of the American Citizen with the government’s blessing and encouragement.

President Obama’s 10 months of addressing this issue by sticking to Dumb As A Box Of Rocks Bush’s program of rewarding Wall Street and the Banks for being thieves has failed. The “Economic Stimulus” is for the ruling class, only those who are able to afford the Purchase of your Politician tu jour.

The unfortunate result for American Citizens is displayed in the current Health Care Reform fraud purchased by the Insurance, Health Care and Pharmaceutical Companies’ lobbying at a ratio of 6 Lobbiests to 1 Politician and buying elections. We’ve done our part. We put them on notice with Medicare and they’ve spent billions in the past 40 years working to buy legislation that will feed them like Tarp fed the Banks and the Wall Street bail-out fed the greed of investors.

The reported numbers are 9.8% unemployment with spikes in localized unemployment as high as 25%. There is a vast segment of Labor in the USA that has fallen off the unemployment insurance roles. What of this dispossessed group of humans of value?  Where is the economic stimulus for them?

I’m not getting my blood pressure elevated this morning, I promise, but the real human suffering portrayed by these numbers falls far short of the reality.  “Economic stimulus” has subsidized multi-million dollar bonuses to Wall Street and Bankers with no real relief on Main Street.  There are no new jobs created by feeding the State’s coffers, Wall Street or the Banker’s coffers and the purchase of car companies is no guarantee that those tenuous jobs will be preserved.

The Republicans and the purchased politicians on Capitol Hill and every State House have brought us to this point and currently they are involved in high drama, with its subsequent fund raising rewarding rude obnoxious knuckle-dragging neanderthal behavior of screaming in a joint session of Congress as a clear demonstration of this attitude of contempt of the American Citizen. The side-show is intended to milk their corporate sponsors for as much money as they are able to extort in selling their votes ignoring their duties and obligations to the Citizens, The Constituents who elected them.

Here’s a solution:

1) Pass Universal Health Care with a robust public option to insure competition.

2) End the Wars.

3) Provide American Citizens access to the Social Security account in each of their names to utilize as investment capitol, mortage money, real economic stimulus for the Middle Class and Working Poor.

4) Regulate, break-up and, if required, nationalize the Banking system, Wall Street and Corporate AmeriKKKa by putting the Government into the business of business as they do now, only honestly.

5) Campaign and Political Pay Reform NOW.  Without breaking the cycle of greed and pandering to Corporate AmeriKKKa that the current political process demonstrates we are doomed.

6) Tax the Church.  Any Church that expresses a political position is no longer exempt from responsibility for their actions.

Unless and until the American Citizen takes action in writing letters, sending emails, demanding change and forcing change through labor strikes and public demonstration this status quo will remain. Mid-term elections will be purchased by Corporate AmeriKKKa in the 2010 cycle and of that there is no doubt. American Citizens will either stand up and make a change or be mindless sheep subjects to the ruling class at our expense.

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