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Too Big To Fail

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 6, 2009

Too Big To Fail.

Says who?
Ben Bernanke and the Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, revealed today that 91% of the TARP money went to Wall Street Greed while Banks shut down credit to insure that 20% of the American population remains unemployed.

The Corporate Communists with Fhurer Bernanke at the helm have “misled” and flat out lied to the American Public about where our TARP funds, our taxpayer dollars, were dispersed as the Banks got bigger to insure they are “Too Big To Fail,” and the Wall Street Greed was rewarded at all our expense.  Comrade Bernanke demonstrates his and the Federal Reserve Board’s open contempt of the American people by refusal to disclose the disbursment of the TARP Funds.  Way to go “Open Government” is now Corporate Communism.

Going Green:

From the cyberspace a voice that defines the arguments.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware, to do our best to pass on to the future a world that is equal to, if not better than, the world we arrived within.

History from the public record:

In 1961 I was 7 years old and not fully conscious.  History and historians are a passion in life for me because of Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and a host of our Founding Fathers words through time.

Heath Care Voices:

A very reasoned response:

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  1. euandus said, on October 26, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    How about relying not only on regulations, but also considering Paul Volcker’s advice from experience: being too big is itself a problem that can and should be remedied? I’ve just posted on it at

    You might want to read the article I read:

    • activecitizen54 said, on October 26, 2009 at 6:35 pm

      The Barney Frank suggestion of “living wills” is a good start but so are 100 Congressmen at the bottom of the Bahamian Trench.
      As an informed citizen I am deeply angered over the lack of return on investment from the Paulson/Geithner – Bush/Obama Give Away Sweepstakes for the US Treasury. Financial officers of this Great Nation handing over the largest transfer of money in history without verified collateral, interests in or regulation of any kind over these ponzi-scheme thieves who now are really dangerous because of the demonstrated blackmail of the US Treasury demand public revolt, prosecutions and regulatory protections of the real victim of this, the American Middle Class.
      Break-up these mega firms and drive consumerism with the 100 mile rule of doing business. If I don’t know the person behind the deal; the deal doesn’t happen. If the world collapsed tomorrow, I will retain and maintain a successful community by understanding the 100 mile rule of spending my money in the real economy.
      A very large part of this problem is the Corporate Manipulation of the Regulators, the Politicians the basic structure of the FED.
      Corporate Reform begins with restoration of the rights of the American Labor, the uprising of the Middle Class to demand an economy that is without manipulation. Labor Strikes, Public and Peaceful Demonstration on a nationally organized basis will become the norm as America Wakes Up.

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