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Respect, Indifference and Activism

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 7, 2009

Respect, indifference and activism.

This is the weekend of the National Equality March on Washington coming up.  In speaking with friends and listening to opposition (As is heard everyday in a Gay man’s, Lesbians’, Transgendered or Bisexual human’s life.) I’m becoming more aware of the absolute need to pick and chose where I will expend my rapidly diminishing energy.  There are more options in this battle than the lack of respect, the gross lies, fear and hate-mongering activism that play out across the media currently directed against the LGBT Community in closely couched hate speech from the religious right. I have hope that demonstrations of leadership by example will assist in enlightening this.

Respect becomes a foundation for any actions and must be cultured from a position of self-respect, respect of and for others and respect of the society within which we all live.  At 55 I see a tremendous amount of self-destruction within the LGBT community although this has lessened over the course of the decade or more that I’ve intentionally isolated myself from “the Gay Scene” of clubs, party and hedonism seen by most as the reality of Gay in the USA we must present as worthy citizens, always.  What I’ve discovered over the course of this willing exile is that a vast world of LGBT lives exist beyond this narrow and limiting experience but these voices are seldom heard.  These voices seldom come to the forefront of debate because of the indifference and absolutely no desire for Activism.  These lives of quiet solitude or satisfied partnerships involved in their Gay Family too often are unseen and not heard because of the real and pressing issues of keeping a family or relationships moving in positive directions and often are coupled with the need to “pass” within the culture to maintain the basic economics of day-to-day living.

Indifference is born of disappointment, distraction and a lack of desire to help effect positive change or the focus is upon solitary existences as I’ve experienced.  Within the Gay community it seems as if we take two steps back for every step forward and I’ve personally been burned on forward movement in much the same way the Gay Community failed to support Clinton and appears to be all too willing to remove support from President Barack H Obama with the demonstrations proposed at the HRC banquette.

Indifference is much more than acceptance of the current status-quo; it is the endorsement of the new culture of hate directed toward our communities and is divisive within the greater human family that this lying and hate-mongering religious right desired to inflict upon us all.  We war against theocracy in the Middle East yet cultivate this within the US as demonstrated by the hateful past President, Dumb As A Box Of Rocks, Bush demonstrated to all of the world.  The demonstrations of hate and fear-mongering continue and escalate on the issue of same-sex marriage because we, for too long, have accepted being second-class citizens.  The time to end the punishment of same-sex couples through the tax structure of government is coming to an end.

Activism is applauded and I’m not knocking the proposed demonstrations at the HRC shindig because of the faith I have in the velvet threat this action conveys clearly.  I, however, will not be confined to the back of the bus and bring my activism to other venues because I’m not able to and am very unwilling to become involved in these kinds of demonstrations.  My days of marching with placards are over.  I will continue to write, I will continue to assist in the strategy, planning and organization of events to promote Gay Rights and the acceptance of  the LGBT community as free American Citizens equal to any and all others within these works.  It is from a position of respect of and for the LGBT community and the vast wealth of desire, talent and courageous leadership out there now that I’ve determined my best function is one in the behind the scenes support role.

From this position, in a support role, it is time for the LGBT Community to come to a position of understanding that this is a war against our rights to exists just as much as Hitler’s war against the Jews.  We are obligated to deliver back to the religious right the call for taxation of the church on property, their weekly incomes and enforce the anti-hate speech laws.  It is time to insist that the tax breaks for heterosexual married couples be abolished and allow the religious right to live within the tax structure we of the LGBT Community have for decades.  It is time for the Church to register as a Political Action Committee and be taxed out of existence.  Bring Corporate Taxation to bear upon the Christians, Mormons, Hebrews, Moslems, Buddhists and Rastafarians equally and without bias and do it now.  Let the Religious Right pay their fair share and let the United States create a government blind to religion of any ilk.

Each of us, in our own time, must come to decide for ourselves how we are best able to contribute to the greater goal of freedom and equality for all as promised within the Constitution of The United States of America.  The time is now to decide what and how you each will contribute to this lofty ideal.  The call for support in numbers is out there.  The need for funding to promote our fight for liberty and equality in life, society and this culture is upon us now and, if nothing else, contribution to the HRC will assist in this national effort.

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