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Corporate Communism

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 8, 2009

Corporate Communism

Most notable in this piece is the fundamental truth of how the US Taxpayers are raped while the obscene wealth of our financial monarchy, the Corporate Communists, is retained and supplemented with direct deposits from the US Treasury at every Citizen’s expense.

The “businessmen” claim that they get the big bucks for taking the risk. What risk exists when Uncle Sugar pays for their greed, at the Taxpayer expense and the expense of the economy?   These Corporate Communists with the cooperation of purchased politicians have destroyed the economy with the greed we the Citizens have rewarded and effectively paid for in bonuses for failure.

At a time when American Citizens are loosing homes to Bank Foreclosures, the American Citizens are thrown out of jobs that no longer pay well enough to maintain a middle class standard of living and the Government is owned by the Political Action committees, Lobbyests and Campaign Contributions to purchase votes; did we really expect anything different?

Do you see a Federal Mortgage Company to re-finance home ownership to rescue citizens from predatory lending?

Do you see a Federal Loan System to save the American Citizen from usery, actual loan-sharking, and predatory Banks’ credit card obscene interest rates?  Look at the “Fees” these greedy creeps are charging for cashing a check drawn off their bank, for overdraft “protection” and as augments to their obscene interest direct off the back of the people they just raped in “too big to fail.”

Do you see a Universal Health Care program, like every other civilized western industrial economy to keep your kids and you healthy?

The unholy, self-serving and purchased politicians on Capital Hill can’t and won’t deliver real economic relief to the American Citizens in a Public Option for health insurance because that would cut into their enrichment by the health care lobby. It isn’t Doctors, nurses, hospitals or other health care professionals driving the cost of insurance premiums sky-high.  It is the purchase of politicians by the health insurance and pharmaceuticals that drives our cost of care so they can continue to profit off illness to the tune of $125 million into one CEO’s hands…

These contemptible acts of greed and thievery are bringing the USA to Third World status exactly in line with the Republican and Bush vision. President Obama has a very difficult Presidency before him and I fear not enough courage of his convictions to face the music heaped upon him by Bush, Cheney and Geithner legacy.  The Democrats are not immune and watching Mad Max Baucus and the balance of the purchased politicians reinforces this daily.

This is the level of thievery to date:

I wonder how much of this $78 Billion in Taxpayer funds have found their way back to Capital Hill? The Insurance and Health Care Industry, the Bankers and Wall Street paid themselves bonuses to reward their direct treasury thievery.

Were you or I to do this to a bank it would be embezzlement and fraud but our politicians and economic “experts” like Geithner, with Dumb as a Box of Rocks George W Bush and Barack H Obama’s help have ripped us all off.

Jim Rogers founded the Quantum Fund that grew 4,200% in a decade of economic turmoil and crisis and offered this sage advice, based on experience and educational credentials that are impeccable.

Mr. Rogers continues:

Mr Tim Geithner keeping his Banking and Wall Street Buddies afloat is NOT A FRIEND to the American Taxpayer and demonstrates a borderline treason with the Wall Street and Banking bail-outs.  At the heart of the system this cancerous creature has single-handedly led the assault on the treasury of the USA.

Ron Paul is my hero just as John Lennon was in “Imagine.”

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