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Saturday Support Group

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 10, 2009

Saturday Support Group.

The Apocalypse is upon us!

The sky is falling!

We bombed the moon!

Oh wait, we did bomb the moon.

Retreat into your churches and fall-out shelters and barricade the doors while you crank up your Fox TV, AM radio and feed off the Right Wing Crazies and your own paranoia.  Understand clearly that we, normal, well-centered Americans and Global Citizens recognize you and could care less about your cynical, marginalized points of view and dwindling ranks.  The Right-Wing Crazies demonstrate their alliance against The United States of America more and more with each rant.

President Barack Hussein Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Leave it to the right-wing Wingnuts to bitch and piss and moan about a great honor for this man directly and America in guilt by association.  This man, Barack H Obama, this President of the United States of America, has done more in 9 months to improve the image and diplomatic position of the USA Globally than the prior Dumb as a Box of Rocks Cowboy and Saudi supported Oilman, lying and torturing, Bush / Cheney Presidency did to destroy America both internally and Globally.

It’s a Miracle of image restoration based on clear leadership in action by our President this early in his first term. I know this restoration of image is a concept that Republicans and the right-wing crazies are unable to grasp.  The Republicans have no concept of honor, humility, civility or society upon which to base the importance of restoration of the American image on a global basis.  Self-interest, self-indulgence in Wall Street & Banking Greed and feeding themselves off the backs of American Labor and the Treasury of the United States of America, with the FEDs blessing, is the Republican concept of governance and I’m sure they are actively involved in self-congratulations to the exclusion of reality from the recent demonstrations seen.

This President, Barack H Obama, stopped the torture of prisoners, this President stood tall as an open, honest American and clearly apologized for the actions of the Bush / Cheney Republican regime and this act of leadership changed the Global Community’s opinion of America.   The fact that President Barack Obama reversed and dramatically improved the Global Village’s negative opinions of America is a blessing from God on high.  Americans deserve a moment to understand and appreciate how much this one act means to Global Stability now and into the future.  We, the American People, elected the best man to office and this is affirmation on a Global scale.  Let’s get moving into the future.

The arrogance and the resulting insult to the Nobel Committee and the Global Community that the right-wing crazies and Wingnuts present is a continuation of the Bush legacy that brought this great nation to ruin. This great honor bestowed upon the duly elected President of the United States of America, Barack H Obama, is a clear recognition of the return to sanity that may be possible with clear and effective leadership.  Americans have a glimmer of hope for the changes they voted for in spite of the Republican’s hell-bent rush into obstructionism and de-legitimization toward the office of the President of the United States.

“A new international climate” and President Barack Obama being viewed as “a very special person” by the Nobel Committee’s Chairman are tremendous words of recognition of the real work of diplomacy and Statesmanship this President has already achieved in the Global Community.  We, the people, elected President Barack Obama and this one act, this one achievement is the stuff of history in leadership through honor of actions.

After 8 years of torture, lies, rampant growth, uncontrolled spending and at least 10 impeachable offenses all bringing the Republican agenda of destruction of the middle class into the reality of today; we real Americans are proud of this President’s, this man’s accomplishments.

President Obama, congratulations on this great honor and Godspeed in effecting the changes required to help ensure the Global Community’s healthy  future on this Earth.

The Challenges:

The War in Afghanistan and Iraq are very different engagements for multiple reasons and are both worthy of ending now.

In Iraq, a civil war provided Bush excuse enough to lie about weapons of mass destruction and to invade.  Maybe Bush was eager to do this because he knew we supplied weapons of mass destruction to the Iraqis although none were found.  The US Army did find native Iraqi support, from within the population engaged in civil war, to mount an army of Iraqi citizens forming a militia with motivation to fight and begin to build a nation.  At least a portion of the native population viewed the US Army as help to their cause and this became the base for nation building rather than the prior propping-up of Saddam Hussein.  Bush and Cheney introduced the mercenary warrior, the Military Contractor at the expense of the USA through this to continue to feed their corporate greed and hide the cost of war.

In Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires, a very different experience exists where governance is on a Village Elder by Village Elder basis without a strong central government and currently a fraudulent central government existing as figurehead to accept foreign aid and launder drug money is the best they may muster.  Are we warring for stability or theology?

Pakistan is of concern primarily because of the reality that they have nuclear bombs and a less than stable government with active resistance to the Pakistani Government from several internal factions.  The Indian Government has justifiable reasons to continue to pressure Pakistan to behave as a Global Citizen and build a stable government.  The Pakistani border remains a point of high concern to assist in maintaining stability in Pakistan while they sort out.

Iran too presents tremendous challenges with the recent fraudulent elections, the civil unrest and the disclosure of uranium enrichment facilities by President Barack H Obama through the United Nations, with support of the international community.  It is important to understand the US Government overthrew the Iranian Government elected by the Iranian people in 1953 and supported a repressive regime into the 1970s.  The similarity of the Iranian civil condition to the Iraqi conditions prior to US Invasion and the illegal, unconstitutional war that George Bush trapped us into in Iraq must be understood as well.  We, the American people present their greatest threat at this instant and are saber rattling with Global support.

The Theocracies that exist in “Islamic, Hebrew and Christian” religious fervor present the greatest challenge to world stability. Unless and until conflicts based in mythology are overthrown for the betterment of the Global Community beginning with every child, woman and man on every street in every country we will not overcome.

As a nation with democratic freedom founded on separation of Church and State we are obligated to confront the real issues of Human Rights that exist Globally and Domestically.

The Israelis are at the heart of this simmering antagonism and saber rattling. The Israelis are antagonistic of the Palestinians, the Syrians and all of the Islamic World by the reality of their existence and are touted as “America’s number one ally” in the Middle East.  It is too true we support, we arm and train and continue to supply military and economic support to this nation but it is time the Israelis step up to the plate and solve problems of their creation now.  Our best course of action here is to demand resolution of the Palestinian homeland and establish a lasting peace or remove support from them, contain them and deal with them on an equal footing with the Afghanis whom they most closely resemble.

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Al Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden is an ally of the United States although the depth of that support is largely driven by the depth of America’s pockets to feed the Oil Greed.

Libia, Lebanon and the entire continent of Africa present wild cards of unrest, human atrocities, terrorist development, with Governments unable to bring basic human rights to their populations while facing famine, societal development and infrastructure problems that have existed throughout history.  Americans see great opportunities there but all these nations must pull themselves into a democratic position within the Global Community and we Americans are not obligated to do this for anyone.  Americans are not Global policemen.  We extend a willing hand-up but the America of hand-outs is over.

Within this prickly playing field the failed military intervention demands to be stopped NOW! There is absolutely no justification for additional troops being sent into Afghanistan because we will not succeed in nation-building there.  A fundamental desire for unified government must exist within the population of Afghanistan for any of the Western Industrial Nations to take any real interest in this nation at war for 5,000 years.  The Romans, British, French, Russians and America have all buried empires in this desert.  These people will either pull themselves into a position of Global Citizen or not and the choice is entirely theirs.

These nations, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel and the Palestinians are deserving of actions of containment and being moved back, fully into the iron-age cultures they obviously desire to maintain. We owe them respect of and for their religious beliefs and independent governments now.  Until such time as they demonstrate a desire to bring themselves into the Global Community; persona-non-grata is an honest position.  It is as simple as getting out, leaving them to be hung on their own noose.  We must clearly set the standards for their entry into the Global Community but we are not obligated to provide infrastructure, economic aid, military aid or recognition until they demonstrate stable governance and basic human rights.

There can be no doubt that the wars in the Middle East are driven by Oil and drug economies much more than ideology.  In light of this reality I’ve often wondered why our government hasn’t gone whole-hog on alternative energy and developing American energy independence now.  Global leadership is required to remove the noose of oil from our necks and restore the health of this planet.  We owe that to our children and our futures as a species.

The current conditions of economic collapse created by Bush and the Republicans‘ Industrial, Military and Congressional Complex allowed the greedy corporate raiders open access to the US Treasury. “Too Big To Fail” Wall Street and Banking driving the assault is rapidly followed by the Insurance Industry, with a Mad Max Baucus raid the treasury invitation, providing a graphic example of why the American People are sold-out.  We want CHANGE, we want reform of a broken system now.  From the FEDs through Congress, Senate and every State House, the US Government is accountable to a higher degree than ever in this newly found America.  We, the people, will make Change happen as we did in President Obama.

Americans are now obligated to do the right thing. Americans sent a clear message to the Global Community that we recognize and apologize for the Bush era atrocities in the election of Barack H Obama as President of the United States of America.  His actions expose more and more of the Right-Wing Failure as demonstrated in bringing this Global Community to the brink of collapse.  Prosecution of war crimes against Bush / Cheney and all US Government Officials involved in these Geneva Convention specified atrocities is due trial and punishment.


Stop the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and on the American population.

Audit and do away with the FEDs.

Restore the Community Bank and break up the strangle hold on our lives by regulation of Wall Street and the Banking industry now.

Restore America’s economic power house of a vibrant middle class.

Universal Health Care now to maintain Global Citizenship.

Repair the infrastructure of the United States.

Alternative Energy Development driving employment to replace the Republican war machine.

Electric and Hybrid Auto production.

Mass transit development.

Restoration of the American Village through agriculture and local development of resources.

Real economic relief to the American Citizens NOW.

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