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Purchased Politicians

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 11, 2009

Purchased Politicians

Oxymoron Monday: Today’s offering is “Congressional Ethics”

Mad Max Baucus (D?) Montana must be “big sky” braining it through his tenure in Congress.  I pray there isn’t a parachute for this General in the War on US Citizens.

Charles B Rangel (D?) New York Chairman of the powerful House Finance Committee faces “ethics” charges from the GOP for failure to report income and pay income tax upon that income.

When the boss of the IRS, and the chairman of the House committee that controls the IRS, fail to pay their taxes and walk off without penalty, we have made a mockery of our tax system and the rule of law itself,” said Rep John Carter (R) of Texas, who sponsored the resolution. “Either this House repairs this damage, or the American people will have to replace this House.”

Rangel is one of 9 Democrats and 5 Republicans under investigation by the House ethics committee or the Department of Justice according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Great Idea!  Replace all the Purchased Politicians on Capitol Hill.

The Hawks could be right. What’s on the ground in Afghanistan isn’t working to win the war there.  That’s frightening on a number of levels.  The tiff between the Military and the President isn’t unusual in the politics of this nation.  The frightening part is that the Hawks may be right.

This war has ground on for 8 years.

1) With the help of Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Russia, India, NATO and the UN we just overrun the country, set up the government we want and then come home quick.  Un beso y abrazos.

I wonder how that’s working for ’em right now?

2) Like in Iraq we find a portion of a population at civil war to train as militia. Build huge American Military Installations to saber-rattle throughout the region and force stability.

3) As sane and civil humans we stop the occupation doing our best to insure safety, stable governance and aid as requested within reason when these barbarians come into 21st century from the 16th.  Who are we to tell humans how to live?  If the men, women and children of Afghanistan want to live with the Taliban, Al Qaeda or Muslim Law, so be it.  When they pull themselves to the position of Global Citizenship with human rights and human dignity for all then we may begin to open the cage of confinement to extend a hand-up.

4) Under British, Russian and American occupation these peoples make it clear that they like living in 16th century squalor, that is their choice. Let’s just respect that and confine them.

I like Option 3 the best.

Monday Updates:

The Insurance Companies, corporate communists, have mounted an offensive on the idea of Health Care Reform and demonstrate exactly why Americans have to demand a strong public option – Universal Health Care- Single Payer system now.

These Insurance Companies are the thieving corporate communists that have killed more humans than are openly held accountable for and have driven economic collapse by greedily feeding off health care transactions for 100 years now.  It is time we find a better way to pay for our health care and a strong public option will accomplish this at a savings of 30% at least over what these greedy thieves have milked out of the economy.

We have no fear of honestly competing with these Corporate Communists and it’s time the Government just put them out of business by delivering what we all want in Universal Access to Health Care through a single payer system.  Bring us into the position of Global Citizenship we deserve Mr. President and get moving on leadership in this direction.

“I am a human being, god damned it, my life has meaning.” The Movie Network, 1978″

Here’s a wake-up call:

We are incredibly powerful beings.

An organism at war with its self is doomed.

We are all one.

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