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Sunday Sanity

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 11, 2009

Sunday Sanity

President Barack H Obama, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and fierce defender of human rights spoke last night at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington, DC.

The March for Gay Equality is going on in Washington, DC today.  I am not attending but am very grateful for my brothers and sisters who are there working to bring focus to the discriminatory issues we each face daily.

The Wars on Drugs, in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to cost the lives of our best and brightest sons and daughters but drain the US Economy.

The Insurance Industry continues to conduct war against the US Consumer and real Health Care Reform.  Most notable in this war is General Mad Max Baucus and the Finance Committee in Congress.

The Banking, Finance and Wall Street War Mongers are aligned with the Insurance Industry in raiding the US Treasury and bringing the United States to Economic Ruin.  Put yourselves on a cash only program and pray the FEDS don’t devalue currency to the point of worthless.  General Charles Rangle’s Tax record is a great place to look.  Politician are so easily purchased that they “forget” to pay tax on them.  Go Figure…

The Home down the street 3 doors from me just fell to the Banking War with foreclosure and the family dispossessed of property once belonging to their parents and grandparents who survived the Great Depression in this property.

The Truth in Advertizing:

Sarah Silverman’s solution for feeding the hungry of the world is “Sell The Vatican.” I knew there was a reason I like her.

The Cult of Jesus Crazies brought the Republicans to their current well deserved position of exposed as raiders of the US Treasury, Obstructionist and Anti-American in complete alignment with the Taliban.  All too frequently in agreement about and gleefully cheering for the loss of the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.  The Birthers, The Deathers, the Million Moron March, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulters and a host of others have provided us a clear vision of their AmeriKKKa.  George Bush, The Banks, Wall Street and The Insurance- Corporate AmeriKKKa Communists are the enemy as they’ve defined over the past year.

Reform political campaign funding and lobbying.

Tax the Curch, organized religion of any form and educate the citizens of the United States of America.  Provide continuing education and reform of education by taxing the church.

Tax and regulate the Wall Street Greed and Banking Greed out of existence and restore the American Dream of home and business ownership and operation in a free market.

What has President Obama done for America?

President Barack H Obama has re-established the American position of leadership by example.

Universal Health Care will pass into law and become reality in the United States of America as we move clearly into the 21st century as Global Citizens representing freedom, equality and domestic tranquility for all.

The promise of Equality and basic human rights for all Citizens is Globally recognized and becomes more prevalent daily as other’s aspire to attain the achievements of The North Americans, Europeans, Australians, Japanese and greater and greater portions of South America, Africa, Russia and China move to become more centrist and economically driven.

How do we meet the need for basic Human Rights as a Global Community? The research department is working on that as you read.

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