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Tuesday Terror

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 13, 2009

Tuesday Terror

America is still waging a 30 year long war against the population of citizens with medical problems.  Rather than treating them; they incarcerate them in Corporate prisons.  End the War on Drugs now.

In Afghanistan and Iraq we are still shedding blood and providing fundamental motivation for the continuation of terrorist attacks by occupation.

The Corporate Communists declared clearly months ago that they are at War with the US Government and Citizens because they expect and demand a return on their investments in purchasing politicians.  This is more than the Health Care and Pharmaceutical industry, the Insurance industry and is the foundation of the Wall Street and Banking raid on the US Treasury.  President George W Bush / Cheney and Congress opened the US Treasury and invited the Corporate Communists in without dissent. “Too big to fail” got bigger and the Corporate Communists paid themselves bonuses for bankrupting America and being rewarded for it.

Corporate Communist General Mad Max Baucus has extended the invitation into the US Treasury to the Health Insurance Industry.

This is not some nebulous “conspiracy theory” or “alarmist tactic” in an attempt to build unrest within the United States of America by this citizen or any citizens.

Americans became complacent, Americans trusted the Purchased Politicians to look-out for the interests of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.  What we see, what we have experienced and what we know because of the facts, acts and documentation is that AMERICA IS SOLD-OUT to the Corporate Communists.  American’s trust is violated and the economic violence directed against us is flaunted in our face as we are seen as “powerless ants” to do their bidding.

President Barack H Obama was elected with a clear mandate of change now because these Republican Greedy Corporate Owned Politicians sold-out America and bankrupt our economy intentionally.  Then in the closing days of their regime they opened the US Treasury to the Corporate Communists.

What are you able to do? What are you going to do to restore a free America for your children?  How does an individual effect change within this system?  What is a single voice able to accomplish?

Honesty, integrity, truth, valor and self-respect all lead to betterment of the whole.  Be the change you desire.  Confront the system at every opportunity, get your family, friends and co-workers together and we will find the way to bring the New World Order to a place where we, the people, want it to be.

“I am a human being, god damned it, my life has meaning.” The Movie Network, 1978

Here’s a wake-up call:

We are incredibly powerful beings.

An organism at war with its self is doomed.

We are all one.

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