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Hump Day Happy

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 14, 2009

Hump Day Happy

The Cash Cost of the War in Iraq

The Cash Cost of the War in Afghanistan & Iraq

The Cost of the War on Drugs, the US Citizen

The War on Drugs is entering its 32nd year.  The cost of this failed policy would fund Universal Health Care, Universal Education through University and pay down the National Debt.


With the current Congressional Circus of delay, inaction and incompetence demonstrating how Corporate Communism has purchased our representatives we are all MAD AS HELL.

What does America do about this? We watch it on TV like some grand gladiatorial spectacle as our pockets, our US Treasury is raided and we are reduced to poverty while enriching the Corporate Communists.  We support the media moguls who feed us the sensationalism of murder, mayhem and war and Congress as if it were a soap operatic demonstration of power.

We work for the machine that feeds the brave men and women of the armed services into the meat machine so Haliburton (whatever Cheney’s company is called today) and other government contractors may drain the US Treasury in hidden costs.  President Barack H Obama inherited this mess from Bush/Cheney who lied and deserve to be imprisoned for their actions in office with torture, fraud, lies and outright treason, but are rewarded just like their buddies on Wall Street, The Banks and Insurance Industry.

The Real Estate, Wall Street & Banking bubble burst at the expense of every citizen of the United States of America. Why are the American Citizens obligated to bail out the greed?  Because Corporate Communists are “Too Big To Fail” according to Bush and his opening the US Treasury to raiding by these Corporate Communists just created bigger institutions with no regulations and no protection for the American Citizen or consumer.  They are perfectly positioned to do this to us again at will.

It’s past time to burst the War bubble now!  END THE WARS!  END THE WAR ON DRUGS, IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ NOW!

There is power in the written word. Each and every American Citizen writing letters in support of ending these wars and restoring freedom, liberty and economic opportunity in America now is a brilliant first step.

Make the issues clear and make the stamp count by including the demand for Universal Health Care now.

Universal Health Care’s Public Option will bust the balls of the Insurance Industry.

Demand a US Central Bank to bust the balls of the Banking industry and AUDIT and do away with The FED.

Make use of that GM stock and demand that GM build only electric and hybrid vehicles now.

Regulate Wall Street and break up the huge corporations, tax them regardless of off-shore status.  If you do business in the USA you will pay your fair share of tax and conduct yourselves in an ethical manner.

Campaign finance and contribution reform to outlaw PAC, Corporate Communists and/or special interest contributions completely. Limit contributions to one biological person, $1,000.00 maximum per year.

DEMONSTRATE DEMOCRACY by taking action today.  Send an email, send a letter, send a telegram if you must but correspond to Washington DC and tell them we’ve had enough of the Same Old Shit Different Day and will not continue to pay.

Where is the law?

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