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Harvest Time

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 15, 2009

Harvest Time

Congressional Math Explained.

There is no doubt about it, America is in a world of hurt with crumbling infrastructure.  We are in a world of hurt in the average citizen’s lack of employment and ability to earn a living wage.  We are in a world of hurt with the Wall Street Greed and Banking Greed bringing this great nation to its knees through manipulation by the FED and the Corporate Communists.

The US Treasury is raided by the Corporate Communists destroying the once vibrant middle class insuring that their primary asset in their home is confiscated by the Bank that was just paid-off out of the taxpayer’s treasury.

The purchased politicians do nothing to protect the US Taxpayer and are unable to account for the twenty three trillion US dollars given over to greed.

Banks have no desire to re-negotiate an honest mortgage with American Citizens and they’ve just gotten bigger at our expense.

Americans don’t deserve to have Universal Health Care because the greedy bastards on Wall Street are hell bent on selling our life insurance policies as a commodity with pay-off based on our early deaths being profitable to them.

The “Health Care Reform” that is coming down from Mad Max Baucus, handed off to Harry Reid, is a gift to the Insurance Corporation’s Greed and reward for their purchase of politicians subsidized by taxpayers and at taxpayer’s expense.

A strong Public Option is the only choice we want to see and it’s looking more and more like that just isn’t going to happen because of the likes of  the Olympia Snowe’s hate for all Americans.  Princess Snowe is not representative of the American people but her own importance.

We are still feeding our children and resources into Wars on 3 fronts and happy to do “the American” thing in sending off our best and brightest to be artillery fodder in Afghanistan and Iraq as a part of the Right Wing Christian Crusade into the Middle East of the Bush/Cheney legacy.

Our jobs and futures have moved to South America, China, India, Pakistan, the Indo-Pacific because child labor at $.25 an hour is more profitable to the greedy Corporate Communists who have raped the USA for all they can get and not given a penny back. That’s the plan.  It is working.


Twenty three trillion dollars of taxpayer money handed over by Paulson and Bush/Cheney with an Obama Presidential endorsement.

The money spent on lobbying and purchasing politicians has paid off better than Wall Street ever has.

What’s wrong with a “New World Order?”

What’s wrong with a New World Order?  That’s a fundamental question for me.  If the New World Order has American leadership, Global cooperation, stable economic opportunity for all in a true democratic process, and provides social stability with economic growth for all global citizens; that would be a good thing, wouldn’t it?

What is to fear?

The primal fear, especially for Americans, is that being demonstrated to us now with the Hijacked Congress and Senate demonstrating to the American Citizens that they are Corporate Communist purchased.  Beurocratic Elite bribed into submission and paying off their puppet-masters in the largest transfer of wealth in history is what your Congress, Senate and Bush/Cheney bail-out continued by Obama has already accomplished.  Rest assured these greedy politicians, Wall Street and the Banks are going to re-distribute that money in the obscene bonuses paid for a successful act of thievery from every American through their great-grandchildren. Too big to fail just got bigger.

There’s one item off the list already.

We’ve already faced the Corporate Communist take over of the Government and laid down and just took it. Bush trained the population well and was clearly on the right course ignoring the US Constitution, lying and building wars to distract from the real agenda and kissed-off the Citizens of America by throwing the US Treasury vault open to Wall Street, Banking and Insurance Corporate Communists.

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  1. Savannah said, on October 17, 2009 at 8:30 am

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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