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Media Madness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 16, 2009

Media Madness

I’ll happily be the Liberal Voice of reason.

Yesterday the flight of the balloon and the box boy drew sensationalized and questions of staging about this event.  Why?  The Ed Show was directly questioned by Adriana Huffington who took Ed to task about “Why are we still talking about this?  The boy is safe.”

Ed wasted no time jumping right up and expressing, “it’s not like we wanted to see a boy fall from 8,000 feet or anything.”

Really?  The voyeuristic media is always transfixed by these human dramas.  The “news” camera crews, helicopter crews and mobile reporting crews were Johnny on the spot in a skinny minute with a rabid hope for blood and guts and gore to deliver the ratings to drive the advertisers.

Where is the outrage and reporting on Universal Health Care being stopped by Purchased Politicians?

Where is the real reporting that every Republican in Congress voted for gang rape of young women by Government contractors?

Why are we employing Government Contractors in combat situations and to guard our embassies?  Bush didn’t trust the military so Haliburton (Dick Cheney) brought in their mercenary forces to insult our proud, professional and patriotic armed service men and women.

Where is the real reporting of what the Government and Corporate Communists are doing and have done with TARP and the Bail-out that was a banquette for these corrupt zombie businesses that should fail.

Where is the reporting of the criminal prosecutions of the individuals on Wall Street and in the Banking Industry that drove the collapse?

Where is the reporting of the FED’s games with the global economy and criminal prosecution?

These Wall Street and Banking creatures are criminal and are continuing to flaunt their greed and American Taxpayer dollars are used to reward this criminal behavior.

Where is the real reporting of how much Max Baucus has been bought or all of our politicians are purchased by the Corporate Communists?

Where is the focus and the demand to clean up campaign contributions, lobbying and getting Corporate Communists out of Washington?

Where is the real reporting on the day-to-day human dramas of families loosing their homes?  Breadwinners loosing their jobs?  The Corporate Communist greed that is driving this?

Where is the real reporting driving the prosecutions of George W Bush and Dick Cheney and all the persons responsible for the torture at Guantanamo Bay?

Where is the real reporting of the War on the American population?

Where is the real reporting of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the spread of this war into Pakistan with its nuclear arms?

America appears soulless, heartless and without leadership to me and I’m sure to a great portion of the world.

I keep hoping and praying to see some bright light of hope, a signal indicating direction but none appears.

Where are the Progressive and Liberal voices? Our Centrist President Obama is, as described, making a living out of not being the Right-Wing described creature they obviously fear and paint him with broad brush-strokes more self-descriptive than true.  The result is that Moderate and Right-Wing are all that are heard and the discussion is diminished because of the censorship of the Left.

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