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American Disservice

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 17, 2009

American Disservice

Given the 60-year history of this battle against the Health Care System in the United States, the documentation contained in the Bill Moyers piece, the experiences of Canada, France and every Western Industrial Nation, the time is upon us now to establish Universal Health Care.  The requirements of Global Citizenship demand this for the American Citizens.

“We can’t waste capital upon something that’s just impossible.” is Mad Max Baucus statement on Single Payer (Universal Health Care) in the USA.  Mad Max Baucus is a bribed puppet of the Insurance Companies who put him in office and keep him in office by lying, killing Americans to conserve their precious profits and conduct scare tactics to cover-up the ill reality of their methods of doing business at all our expense.  Mr Wendall Potter is an Industry insider who speaks the truth.  Americans have to demand Single Payer health care and demand the death of Insurance Companies who kill 124 Americans a day.


We can’t afford to continue to pump cash into the Health Insurance Industry’s obscene bureaucracy and 30% profits driven by corporate greed.  How do you get them to compete?  The Health Insurance Industry is not going to compete and we, Americans, must demand a single payer system that puts them out of business now.  These greedy Fat-Cats have cost too many American lives to allow them to continue.

We can’t afford to bail out the “too big to fail” corporate communists who have blackmailed the US Taxpayer into funding them to allow them to continue the greed that brought the world economy to its knees.

We can’t afford to continue the Banking abuse of the Citizens and the back-pedaling of these greedy thieves is clearly seen with the threat of increased regulation over charges levied against depositors.

We can’t afford to sit idly by as Americans are foreclosed upon as the result of predatory lending practices and real estate bubble speculation built from Banking and Wall Street greed.

We can’t afford to remain silent as 124 Americans die every day because they are unable to afford the medical treatment required to insure they live.  The Insurance Industry locks out humans from care if they have a “pre-existing condition” and life is a pre-existing condition to death.  The Insurance Industry is focused on profits for it’s employees, stock holders and has no interest in health care at all.  Why do we insist that these money changers exist at all?

Where is the Compassionate America? Where have the values of America disappeared to?  Where is the neighbor helping neighbor that existed in the America of the recent past?

It is morally and ethically unconscionable that Americans turn their backs on each other in this time when the Government of Purchased Politicians doing the bidding of Corporate Communists is waging a war against all our futures.  We are not stupid and we do see the horse and pony show of purchased politicians bowing to their corporate communist campaign contributors and sponsors to the detriment of every American man, woman and child now more than ever before.

Here is a Solution:

A single payer health care system.

The cost of this is $50.00 a month per person, $100.00 for couples and $25 for each child. For this tax every American receives access to the physician of their choice for an annual physical with a $10.00 co-pay to cover the costs of administration within the physician’s office and entry of data into the electronic health care records.  Any continuing illness requiring additional visits to the Doctor of your choice is a $10.00 co-pay.  The prescription medication you may require is $5.00 paid to the pharmacy for administration of the national health care record.  It’s simple, puts health care back to practice between doctor and patient and begins to transform Sick-Care to Health Care.  Hospitalization is capped at $1,000.00 total health care costs per year out of pocket including the $10.00 per day co-pay to the hospital or continuing care facility.  Medicare for all is a simple way to describe this and without the meddling of Insurance Company Greed the system works on a financial level with a vast reserve fund established within the first 3 years of operation.

Single Payer Medical Care is the only way to bust the balls of the greedy corporate communists who have purchased the politicians on Capitol Hill and every State House while being held exempt from regulation and reform.  End the insanity now.  Why pay Insurance Companies profits when we can do this not for profit and maintain the health care and improve the delivery of services?

A National, Government Run, not-for-profit Bank. Ball-busting this lobby and these greedy corporate bastards who have raped Americans through “too big to fail” blackmail and Bush opening the US Treasury to their plunder is the only solution.

Destroy the FED.  Replace it with America’s Bank run for the people, by the people and of the people and do it NOW.

The Banks have 28 Bilion in taxpayer money, have gotten bigger and present more of a risk as a result and own Capitol Hill through bribes, lobbying and campaign contributions.  Do you see small business being funded by these huge Banks?  Do you see job production, productivity on any level from these huge Banks?  What we see is the greed and Mortgage crisis they created and that is costing thousands of Americans the security of their homes on a level not seen in the Great Depression.  These creatures are no friend of America.

Ban all corporate and industry contributions to election campaigns and restore the value of the vote of the American people. Biological humans may contribute to election campaigns to a maximum of $1,000.00 per person.  Stop the greed and insanity of bribery and purchased politicians in Washington and stop it now.




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