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Sanity Sunday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 18, 2009

Sanity Sunday

We are a Global community.  American demand builds the market these people supply and this drug trade supported many illegal wars in Central and South America at the American CIA’s instigation.  Ms Napolitano is a velvet-gloved fear-monger extraordinaire of that there is no doubt. END THE WAR ON DRUGS.

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is the definition of insanity often attributed to Albert Einstein.  The real human cost of these failed policies, from this Nixon spawned, Reagan inflated non-issue on a global basis is at the root of the economic war.  Stop the madness, stop the killing, stop the black market economy and come to your senses.  It’s my body, It’s your body and what government has the right to tell us what we can do with our bodies?

The United States of America is not sane. We’ve all known that since Nixon and this government became “certified insane” with Bush/Cheney.  Insanity rules and we get continuation of evidence for this from the religious right, the corporate communists, the purchased politicians and the loss of our sons and daughters to all 3 wars being waged by the government now.

Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security should be well informed on Drug trafficking. The CIA and the US Government brought the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles into reality. Read, watch the videos and understand just how corrupt the United States Government is with the actions documented from this reporter.

Ms Napolitano continues to ignore the robbery of the US Treasury, the corruption, Graff, bribery and fraud on Capitol Hill and demonstrates clearly that her office is designed to intimidate the population into giving up constitutional rights and liberty rather than protect the United States of America from crimes against the citizens.  Let’s demand the Gestapo be turned upon the creator of it and demonstrate it is worth retaining.

The treasonous acts of Henry Merritt “Hank” Paulson, Secretary of the US Treasury with the assistance of Tim Gaithner and Congress gave the Corporate Communists $700 billion of US Taxpayer money and there are no records, no restrains and intentionally no way to track.  Where are Ms. Napolitano, Homeland Security, or Eric Holder, Attorney General in prosecution of this crime against the United States Citizens?  Where is President Barack Obama’s demand through leadership that crimes against the nation will not be tolerated?

While on this train of thought:

Where are the criminal charges against George W Bush, Dick Cheney and cohorts in the illegal war, torture of prisoners or acts of treason against the United States of America?  Isn’t it about time Americans demand justice? George W Bush committed at least 10 impeachable offenses while in office and because one wasn’t a blow job in the oval office he gets off scott-free?

President John F Kennedy declared:

“A Revolution is coming- A Revolution which will be Peaceful if we are Wise enough; Compassionate if we Care enough; Successful if we are Fortunate enough; But a Revolution which is coming whether we Will it or not.  We can affect its Character, we cannot alter its inevitability.”

Have no fear of the New World Order but understand an American Revolution is required to insure American Citizens and the United States of America retain leadership on a global basis.

As a powerless, patriotic Gay Man, as a United States Citizen who understand we are all united in one world I am compelled to encourage education, self-education and to always question authority, any authority to insure your personal freedom and liberty.

As a Gay Man I am very sensitive to the bigotry and unfounded hate that is promulgated by the Religious Right, Conservative fears and fear-mongering in leu of informed discussion because these are successful tactics of terrorism that are paying off for them.  The United States was, however, founded on the principles of religious freedom, clear separation of Church and State.  This promise has held true for 200+ years with liberty and justice for all.  Many brave men, women and children have fought and died for these principles and I live in fear that many more will be required.

The continued vilification of Mexicans, of Hispanics within the United States of America is as much a propaganda tool as Hitler used against the Jews.  The Bigot Napolitano openly vilifies Mexican citizens by promoting fear of this “Mexican Drug War spilling over the border.”  Get it right the first time; this is America’s Drug War and it’s nastier, dirtier and uglier than the other two wars.

Stripping Bare The Body – Required reading authored by Mark Danner.



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