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Toasted Tuesday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 20, 2009

Toasted Tuesday:

The opening shot:

Mythology and fear-mongering of marijuana being “a gateway drug” disappeared years ago from actual drug trials and the reality of populations of pot smoking Americans who aren’t addicted to other drugs exists now. Fear-mongering tactics of “deaths” from driving under the influence demonstrates the faith-based lack of valid arguments against legalization.  The alcohol consumption of Mr Baldwin is notorious in Hollywood and his clear statements of “I don’t care what anyone else says” is very descriptive of all “faith based” systems of belief and amount to just sticking one’s head in the sand.

This “faith based” system of justification is what brought about the Inquisition, supported slavery, created prohibition, has destroyed the global environment and all failed to change the human condition of reality based experience.  More power to the human who finds it more rewarding to live waiting on the promise of “a life after death,” it’s their constitutional right to do so. I have no desire to wait until after death and no verification from anyone who has come back from the dead that “after death” anything exists to equal the miracle of this moment now.  I live in reality without mythology and do not desire this mythology, this theology and ideology to determine what is legal, illegal, moral or amoral in life for me.  It is purported that I live in a democracy not a Theocracy and what I desire is the restoration of the Republic for which America stands.

Americans have laid down and given up liberty, freedom and justice for all with this War on Drugs being the biggest example of how the Government has conducted war against the population for the past 40 years at tremendous expense.  The cost of human lives ruined over this insanely unfounded fear of substances that are provided by God’s Earth is hysterical.  What day did you wake up and decide that the United States Government could tell you what to do with your body?

It is no mystery why since 1969 the United States Government has conducted a failed war, a failed policy for over 40 years because the Drug Economy is the only real capitalist opportunity left to the common man today.  This is not all about controlling your body it is, for a greater part, about controlling your income and opportunity and this Drug Economy is an accurate, effective and profitable economic machine that is undermining the created economies of Wall Street and Banking greed compounded Corporate AmeriKKKa’s rape of the people with purchased politicians meddling, the FED manipulation and the ignorance of the average American accepting it.

What day did you wake up and decide that you no longer controlled your will but would become a member of the hive of (insert God, Christ, Allah, Buddha ect.) to the point of no longer having free will?

For me the Cult of Jesus Crazies are more than welcome to worship however they see fit from being vampires drinking wine portrayed as the blood of their Christ, cannibals by taking the bread of his body to taking up venomous snakes, it makes no difference to me. Religious freedom is a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  To all the Cult of Jesus Crazies out there I say: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what is guaranteed to me and you have no right to interfere with this position ever.  When someone touts their system as being “faith based” I am immediately cynical and on guard because this individual expresses right up front that they are unable to think, unable to decide for their self and unwilling to look beyond a narrow theology.

Americans have for too long just sat on their lazy asses and watched as unconcerned observers as the government of this great nation has been purchased by Corporate AmeriKKKA with that demonstrated clearly on Capital Hill now.  Yes, I know it’s Capitol Hill but with the multi-million dollar bribes and pay-offs that our purchased politicians have pocketed at our expense Capital Hill is much more accurate.  There can be no doubt of that after the largest transfer of funds in history just handed over the US Treasury to Wall Street and Banking Greed without any controlls and these purchased politicians did that deed just for you.  Yeah, right!  Congress is off the hook because the FED doesn’t answer to Congress or the American People.

Where is the accounting of these funds?

Intentionally hidden and intentionally secret because Americans have no right to know according to the corporate communists who rule your lives.

America Wake Up!  Legalize Pot, tax it, and begin to balance the budget by getting the finances of this great nation restored to a gold standard instead of junk as Wall Street and the Banking frauds have created.  We owe this to our children just as we owe them a clean and healthy environment to live within.

Who is it that supports the anti-drug campaign? It is the powerful Alcohol, tobacco and legal Drug manufacturers that fund this war against the population that costs us sons and daughters and trillions of dollars to warehouse humans in corporate prisons.  It is the controlling interest of these vile and illness inducing substance mongers that has produced this modern prohibition and it is a failed policy, a failed war with the casualties being our sons, daughters and this culture.

Tax the Church, Tax Corporate AmeriKKKA, Tax the upper 1% to 90% and restore the economy of this great nation to a reality based system instead of the religion of credit that exists now.

These bastards desire a “Collectivist” culture then it’s time to demonstrate exactly what collectivism is all about and begin with the Church, Corporate AmeriKKKa and the greedy bastards who have subverted this individualist culture into the hive mentality.  Tax the wealthy out of existence, support the middle class with a return to a free market economy and restore the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a free America.

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