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Debtors’ Revolt

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 21, 2009

Debtors’ Revolt

These videos say it all:

“Rotting in prison” is the exact position these creatures deserve.

The “offer” is made from Mr Crawford for 12.99% to be sent in writing.  The reality is that email notification is 23.99%, go figure.  Skank of America will do what it wants to do and that’s obvious from this video.  Tax Revolt next?  Great news.

Americans have just made the largest single transfer of money in history to the Banking, Wall Street and Corporate Communists and all of this money is at 0% interest. Americans were lied to by Bush and his cronies and the FED continued this lie with absolutely no accountability required from the institutions who are enriched by this.  The promise was made to “get rid of toxic assets” created by the FED manipulated Real Estate Bubble but there is no mortgage relief in the USA and thousands of Americans are in Foreclosure at this moment with no hope of renegotiation of loans because the Banks are more interested in acquisitions to make themselves bigger still.

Why is the Banking industry jacking up interest rates and levying additional fees?

The answer is one word, GREED.

Why are homes being foreclosed upon rather than mortgages being re-negotiated with consumer relief the focus to maintain a healthy economy?

The answer is one word, GREED!

Where is your government in protecting you from these predatory actions?

The answer is again one word, PURCHASED!

Where is the relief, the TARP funds for the citizens of this once great nation? The Banks and Wall Street threaten collapse taking the global economy down with them and through this act of blackmail the United States Government opens the treasury and is raided with the guise being “mortgage melt-down relief” but there is no mortgage relief for the American Citizens and the money handed over by Mr Paulson and Mr Geithner has no restrictions, no controls, no demand for accountability and these two bankers never asked what the funds were going to be used for.  consequently the “too big to fail” banks got bigger and the problem increases with the “too big to fail” getting even bigger.

If it were you or I then the Government would just sit back and do nothing as we failed with the attitude of “you got yourself into this mess so take the bath and get out.”

Here is a way out:

1)  Refuse to do business with any of the large Corporate Banks. Move your money into small local banks, credit unions and local investment firms who are FDIC insured.

2)  Do not use credit from any of the large Corporate Banks ever. A complete boycott of these institutions of theft, greed and corruption is the first step in bringing them to their knees.

3)  Invest in commodities, in gold or other precious metals or in local business only to divest yourself of the Wall Street greed and thievery. Opportunities exist within 100 miles of your home to earn honest profits and increase the value of investments you desire to make with more security than the thieves on Wall Street will ever provide to you.

4)  Audit and abolish the FED. These unholy thieves have helped themselves to your wealth and happiness by creating every Banking and Wall Street crisis since 1914 and it is time for this to end.  Restore the Gold Standard and sanity to Washington, Wall Street and the Banking Industry.

Americans have the ability to bring this system to its knees and to prevail over this open thievery and abolish the greed that drives the FED to manipulate the crash, inflation and pain we all feel while they support only themselves by helping themselves to our hard earned tax dollars.

Here is a report on just how we came to this place today:

“Criminal neglect and negligence” is only the tip of the iceberg in this fraud. Following the great traditions of the FED the sub-prime mortgages with their pseudo-insurance created by Wall Street Greed defrauded Americans and has led to the pain and devastation of the middle class through mortgage foreclosures.  The responsible parties are not in prison as the average citizen would be in this shell-game, they are paid obscenely huge bonuses for having successfully raped the US Treasury.  Only in AmeriKKKa.

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