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Maundy Thursday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 22, 2009

Maundy Thursday

The celebration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ is Maundy Thursday and it seems fitting for today’s topic.

Oxford Professor, Richard Dawkins’ book, “The God Delusion” is culturally important on a number of levels. Having someone eleses’ “imaginary friend crammed down your throat” is perhaps the best description for the Cult of Jesus, Cult of Jahweh, Cult of Allah, Cult of Buddha or any cult and this is the idea that we are all getting “fed-up with” is accurate in all instances.  We demand not only freedom of religion but freedom from religion.

Being vilified because I personally chose to hold as my own any religious belief instead of joining an “organized” congregation or cult is a fundamental aspect of all religious theology.  This is an open violation of my rights to religious freedom and offensive to me.  When I hear the myth that America is a cult of Jesus nation here for the religious to squander as they see fit, it fills me with disgust. You (as a child of God) are inherently “a sinner” and must be “saved” through Baptismal or Rebirth or you are the tool of Satan according to the cult of Jesus. The assault on all our freedoms resulting from theocratic desires of the Church are easily documented with the deaths from Jihad, Crusades and war in the Middle East now.

A great part of all this discussion is the reality that humans don’t really provide any thought to religion, religious freedom or religious values. Americans, particularly, provide fodder for this with knee-jerk, proof-texting and hate-mongering preachers defining sensationalism from proof-texting and live in absolute denial of reality that a 6th Century Pope, Gregory, aligned the calendar with the Pagan Holidays to make the cult of Jesus more palatable to the masses.

Don’t you just love it how the Christians love one and other? The Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland, the Fundamentalist Christians in the USA and the Mormon Church.  All that absolute divinely driven passion that their systems of belief provides rather than knowledge systems based in reality.  And let’s just look at how the Church provides help to their congregations with feeding the hungry, housing the homeless or caring for the infirmed.

From here in the heart of the Bible belt I have a great grasp on how hated and reviled I am as a human who doesn’t share the belief system that surrounds me.  I do not encourage contact with the Cult of Jesus members but they come to my door attempting to fulfill some need to indoctrinate me into their cult.  I do not seek them out; they come to the door to preach their gospel and I’m not particularly interested in mythology of any flavor but the Greek Classics and how they relate to theology in a very general sense and expose a human fear of death.

I will not live a life of denial of now on the unsubstantiated promise of a “life after death.”

The cult of Jesus crazies are currently expanding their missions of hate promotion into Rwanda and many developing nations globally. In Rwanda it is now the death penalty for homosexuals as it is in Iran and most of the Muslim world.  It is not surprising to me in any form that the cult of Jesus crazies seek to prey upon the uneducated, the impoverished and those whose circumstances provide little compassion or hope for a better future because this is where addiction is born.

Religious addiction is reality in the USA today. Religion is the methadone of the world supplanting one addiction for another and the high priests encourage this to increase their flocks and incomes through encouraging more addicts to support them.  Sarah Silverman’s humor in “Sell the Vatican” to feed the world is a great graphic example of the mythology of organized religion doing their good works on this Earth.

What is to fear in someone’s love for someone else? The cult of Jesus crazies have always had issues with this.  Were Jesus and Judas lovers and this is the foundation for the hate?  I suspect it’s more like an enforced breeding program.


TAX THE CHURCH! The Church deserves to be registered as a Political Action Committee and like any corporation it should be taxed to the highest level.  These hate-mongers have a clear agenda of denial of equal rights to the citizens and a demand for conformity to their belief systems and that’s not American Liberty and Justice for all.


There is no single threat greater to America than the Theocracy desired by the religious right and this is a terrorist threat on every level.

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