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Prepare your salt:

Notice the terrorist tactics employed here from the questionable intelligence of the “I’m married to Imus” creature to the Religious Leader’s hate-mongering commentary about “Illegal Immigrant’s Disease, with these Mexicans bringing in all sorts of diseases.”  The “Minister, Cult of Jesus Crazy” defines his existence as dependent upon fear, hate and safety in numbers inherent in this fraud.  The arrogance and hate of this Black Preacher who should rightfully be clad in a sheet from his comments here frame the mob mentality and the reality of one lies and they all swear to it.

This is YELLOW JOURNALISM in its lowest form and is exactly how the Religious Right is spreading its hate and lack of value for constitutional equality, rights to free speech and the very tenets of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We all have documentation of Fox encouraging “protestors” as an adjunct requirement of this flavor of hype, sensationalism and sadomasochistic self description.  The Black Preacher burns his cross by opening his mouth and will happily accept your donations to continue to do this on his website.

On Health Care

The AHIP Lobbyist tells the Republicans not to provide “Comfort to the Enemy.” The Lobbyist, Steve Champlin, decries “being vilified by the Democrats” as a course of framing the debate to “Motivate change through creating an enemy.”

The Republicans obviously are in dire need of medical attention for the Alzheimer’s disease that’s now struck.  “Death panels,” are the manufacture of the Republican Party as are the “rationed care, Government’s take-over” and numerous other salacious claims.  The reality is that Insurance Company’s greed and factually reported behavior in denial of claims, manipulation of markets and obscene profits on illness are the foundation for them being the enemy.

The Bail-Out misery continues:

Elizabeth Warren is clear about Arrogance and Cozy relationships because these greedy corporate thieves think they are “owed” the bail-out monies and are in collusion in perpetrating this fraud against America. If you throw enough taxpayers under the bus you can stabilize the upper part of the economy but Foreclosure and Unemployment demonstrate we still haven’t stabilized the real economy.  The “too big to fail” have gotten bigger.  Where is America’s share of the obscene profit created by our purchase of these businesses?

Here’s the mess explained


Why are American Taxpayers bailing out these obscenely huge corporate entities?

Americans are loosing jobs, homes and small businesses at a rate that exceeds The Great Depression and yet we bail-out the Corporate Communists with inconceivably huge amounts of money directly from the US Treasury.

Why are Corporate Communists comfortable in their multi-million dollar mansions, receiving obscenely huge bonuses for bankrupting the country?

Here’s the propaganda from the Corporate Communist’s mouthpiece who continued to open the US Treasury as a puppet of the FED.

I have a headache from listening to this kind of Government-speak that is intended to deceive and conceal the rape of the American Taxpayer. The Wall Street and Banking collapse was manipulated and is the direct result of fraud perpetrated to insure the fulfillment of greed by the Banking and Wall Street money brokers at all our expense now.

Where is the credit available for small business at a competitive rate (these Banking Corporate Communists are getting our money at 0%) or the modification of home loans made toxic by predatory lending practices?

Why is it that the Taxpayer is loosing homes, businesses, jobs and economic stability?

Why are CEOs more important to prop up than the average Taxpayer?

Targeted capital is obviously into the top 1% instead of the powerhouse of the American Labor that has made these bastards obscenely wealthy at our expense.

Here’s a Solution:

Provide every American access to the Social Security Account held by the Federal Government in trust for our obtaining an age of 62 or 65.  Anyone who has reached 30 years of age or has a Social Security Account in excess of $10,000.00 should have access to these funds to control at his or her will. There is a universal stimulus program that is already funded by the tax dollars of each American.  Here is a program that will demand accountability of the Government by the people and for the people in that this is an opportunity for America to restore the idea of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in real-time now.  Real relief for Americans now.

Establish the American National Bank to compete with private lenders and drive accountability, honesty and fairness in lending with the intent of doing away with the FED.

End the Wars on Drugs, in Afghanistan & Iraq and bring our troops home. It’s time to stop shedding blood in the streets of the USA and around the globe on failed policy and knee-jerk responses from an ignorant, corrupt and fraudulent government up to and through the Bush Presidency.

Bring George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Henery Paulson, Tim Geithner and Congress up on War Crimes and High Crimes against the United States of America and include the CEOs of Wall Street (the 10% who committed fraud) Banking and the Corporate Communists to trial now. Americans are not stupid and we see the criminal actions that have occurred and demand actions to bring these people into the prison system where they rightfully belong.

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