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How Do They Get Away With It?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 24, 2009

How do they get away with it?

“Fraud by top elites is what we have here.” Is Mr. William K. Black’s well-informed opinion.  The Bush administration got rid of regulation.  Liars loans are not verified and these are the tool the Bankster used to create “ninja loans” bundled as “Derivatives” and never looked at to determine accurate rating, to inflate their bonuses and compensation packages.

Bankers and Rating Agencies, with the collusion of Wall Street manufacturing derivatives as a Ponzi scheme, perpetrated this crime, this fraud, against the investment of the American Public is the kindest description available. The guilty parties then have the Gaul to gift themselves bonuses with our money and believe we are powerless. Where are the criminal charges?

What of the Prop Corrective Actions law after the S&L debacle?

Where is the inquiry?  There will not be an outcry from Congress for an investigation of this anymore than a robust Single Payer Health Insurance program because the Government is in the pockets of Bankers and Insurance.  Congress won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Mr Paulson & Mr Geithner are criminal in their cover-up and participation in the Banking fraud that is perpetrated against the American Taxpayer.  As President of the Federal Reserve in NY Mr Geithner was the regulator and it’s the de-regulation that created this ponzi scheme.  These actions are in violation of the law.

America is lying to its self and to the American Taxpayer over the scope and nature of this manipulated Banking crisis that is the direct result of greed, corruption, fraud in the entire Banking system.

Where is the open inquiry and the criminal charges against these CEOs who have perpetrated this fraud?


Bring the criminal charges against the Bush / Cheney tyranny, the Wall Street and Banking fraud and restore faith in America now by telling the truth.

End the wars on Drugs, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Restore the Gold Standard.

Universal Health Care now.

Establish a true National Bank and tear down the FED.

Restore America now.

Politicians, Bankers, Wall Street and every CEO in the United States and those who have moved their business abroad are facing a day of reckoning with an American revolt.

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