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Monday Madness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 26, 2009

Monday Madness

Oh joy, we’ve made it to the big time TV.

With Corporate Communists as Ventriloquists the Puppet Politicians are still doing as little as possible while trying to make it look like something.  It’s an appropriate opening for Monday with the way the Politicians on Capital Hill all have their Corporate Communists Puppet Masters greasing the way with hard cold cash.  Milk it to feed those election coffers.  The fruits of your labor (or lack thereof) will soon be upon you.

Here’s the McCain lie in “The Internet Freedom Act of 2009” proposed legislation as an act of war against the population opened by the Telecom Lobby. Freedom of speech is under siege.

And let’s not forget that we are still denying health Care to 40 million citizens in a “civilized” western industrial nation with 10%+ unemployment and the rich getting richer as we foot the bills for their bonuses.

Now On To War News.

The War on the Population and America’s Middle Class:

President Barack Obama has not signed the “Do Not Fund” executive order to stop the persecutions of Gays in the Military.

President Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, please do the right thing to insure basic Human Rights and Constitutional Guarantees for all Americans.  End the Wars, sign the “Do Not Fund” executive order that is within your grasp now and demonstrate some leadership.

Here is an interesting piece from Mark Fisher about how our FED and Treasury officials blew the bail out deal.

The Second Skirmish may bring the War into reality.

The War On Drugs:

The Great American 40 year tragedy drives global consequences.  Careful of the smoke and mirrors and bait and switch that this represents as the prohibition is demanded end.  Movement but we must acknowledge the cost.

From the New York Times comes an article defining the new “Rules of Engagement” in the War On Drugs.

Here’s some history of how this War began and its roots are deep and ugly in America’s History of hypocrisy and control of the population.  This is Gary Webb’s investigative journalism in “Dark Alliance” on the web.

The Blood and Guts War that’s killing our kids in the Middle East:

Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan killing 14 Americans including Military Contractors.

Why is America paying for Military Contractors? George, Dumb as a Box of Rocks, Bush hired this illegal and immoral private army that his butt-buddy Dicky-poo owns and it is unconstitutional but feeds Halliburton directly and Dick Cheney’s coffers indirectly.  There’s a conflict of interest on the surface that extends to the rotten core of these Military Contractors but the issue remains an open wound.  Staunch the bleeding and get rid of these mercenaries now.

The Frightening reality that looms in Afghanistan even with the current 300% increase in troops deployed since President Obama took office. There is a valid case to be made in a troop draw-down in Afghanistan and making policy changes now.  President Obama has taken this carefully weighed and considered approach.  This is not “dithering” to quote the Cheney clown but rather the best method available to make effective decisions.  No more knee-jerk, throwing American Blood and money away.

Iraqi War News:

The bombings are beginning again in Iraq with over 150 recent victims. Where are the Iraqi security forces in this?  Why are we still in Iraq?  What is to be gained?  Baghdad is no friend now and may never be “friend” to the United States.

The Thought War news:

Samuel Clemmons, Mark Twain speaks eloquently to the issues of the Christian Crusade mounted by war-monger, Dumb as a Box of Rocks, Bush.


Eat the Rich!

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