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Hate Is Not a Family Value

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 27, 2009

Hate is not a Family Value.

From the Westboro Baptist Church Cult of Jesus freaks.

This Cult of Jesus takes to an extreme their particular flavor of hate and enjoy spreading it wherever they can get the media coverage they feed upon.  Public displays of group hysteria and insanity are not attractive.

If you are desperate for something to hate try:

Hate the Wars in the USA on the population in a Drug War and an Economic War that exists now.

Hate the Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq that spill the blood of our best and brightest in the sands of the Middle East.

Hate the Oil Companies greed that has kept alternative energy sources from coming to the open market.

Hate the Bankers and Wall Street for raping your great grandchildren’s future for their multi-million dollar bonuses.

Hate the reality of Purchased Politicians on Capital (I know Capitol is different) Hill and what they’ve done to the freedom of every American.

Hate the Greed and Corruption of the Rich from Wall Street who’ve reduced this great nation to third world status to line their pockets at all our expense.

Hate the Religious Fundamentalist of the Mormon Church who conduct a war against all our civil liberties daily.

Hate the Religious Fundamentalists of any flavor because Theocracy is not Democracy and the United States of America is a place where freedom from religion is guaranteed just as freedom to worship as you decide is free.

Terrorism is a tactic that is employed by Congress, The office of the Presidency and the Religious Fundamentalists in failed efforts to induce fear for the purpose of control.  Hate control and question all authority.

To keep today’s theme going:

God doesn’t make junk.

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